Negative Keywords Can Improve Your PPC Advertising

An efficient Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign will drive qualified traffic to a website, helping to gain exposure and increase sales. The best vehicle for driving this traffic is a well targeted list of keywords. Targeted keywords can also improve your Quality Score, lowering overall campaign costs. Gain more efficient leads while weeding out those searchers you’d like to avoid by adding negative keywords to your list.


Keyword Matching Options

Let’s say you have an online store that sells only one type of item: high-end regular organic ground coffee. Only one item, yet a very specific type of item. An obvious keyword for this campaign would be the general name of the product- organic coffee.
You can then make a keyword list with that term, as well as all other Keyword Matching Options:
Broad Match:
organic coffee
Phrase Match:
“organic coffee”
Exact Match:
[organic coffee]

Your keywords are now specific enough to target only those searchers that type “organic coffee” into the search engine. Now the overlooked step comes into play. Although your campaign is equipped with keywords to specifically describe that item, think about the variations on the broad match keyword that may not apply to what you sell. As noted earlier, your site sells “high-end regular organic ground coffee”. However, as of now, if a searcher types in “cheap decaf organic coffee”- your ad will be displayed. An easy way to eliminate traffic you’d like to avoid is through the use of negative keywords.

Use a Keyword Tool to Find Negative Keywords

Once you generate an overall negative keyword list it can often be applied to several campaigns. Some basic negative keywords to include in PPC advertising may be words like “free” or “image”, depending on those items you have for sale. When making your negative keyword list, you can add general terms as well as terms that apply to the particular item you are targeting. Use a keyword tool, such as the Google Adwords:Keyword Tool to view keyword variations. Then, list out those keywords that do not apply to the item you’re trying to drive traffic to.

For example, type “organic coffee” into the tool now and take a look at the searched for terms. You’ll notice those that would not apply to the “high-end regular organic coffee” for sale, such as bean, kona, decaf and so on. Each of these keywords can now become a specific negative keyword to add to that list.

Remember the underlying goal behind pay per click campaign efforts. When gaining exposure for your products, those exposed should be your ideal customers!

Happy selling!
-Stacie Leonard, Volusion


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  1. Angie

    Thank you for this read.
    I am fairly new to PPC and this helps alot!
    But yes I agree keywords are of course the most important for SEO & PPC!

  2. wow power leveling

    kewords would be the most important point in seo recently. no matter total seo or oonline market ,keywords could add mor clicks and which would be the pledge of sales. u see,the only aim of white cap and black cap r the same,keyword it’s worthy to pay more attention to keywords


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