Free Mothers Day Graphics To Get Your Store Ready for Mother’s Day

Celebrate motherhood with new Mother’s Day homepage graphics, created just for you by our design team. Show moms that you support their special day with sales and a site decorated just for her.

To save a graphic for uploading, right click on the image and hit Save Image As.

Mother's Day Free Image 4

Mother's Day Free Image 5

Mother's Day Free Image 6

Uploading your New Homepage Graphic
From the admin area of your site, click Design and then click on Website Text. Under Home/Welcome Pages, find Article 2 (Default.asp). Click on the number 2, and then upload the image via the Easy Editor tool. Click “Copy HTML to Parent Window”, save your changes and now your new graphic should be on your homepage.

These copyrighted graphics are intended for the sole use of Volusion clients only. Use of these graphics by other sites or competitors is strictly prohibited and can result in legal action against the offending parties.

7 Responses to “Free Mothers Day Graphics To Get Your Store Ready for Mother’s Day”

  1. Melissa

    Please update with new ones. We had these since 2007.

    Thank you.

  2. Peggy

    Can you please post some graphics for Father’s Day and Graduation?

    Many thanks & keep up the great work!

  3. Kate

    New images have been uploaded!

  4. Kate

    If you are referring to the featured product image photos around 150px is usually good.

  5. stephanie

    What is the space / ideal graphic size/ pixel size for the area about featured products to the left of the 3 right navigation fields?

  6. Olesya

    Please update for this year!

    Thank you.

  7. Stephen Clark

    How about some IRS type graphics, such as “Spend your tax refund with us!”, or “Use your refund and save”…
    (ANSWER- Sure Stephen.  We will be releasing some Memorial Day graphics toward the end of April, which will include some tax graphics as well.)


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