Including Bad Spelers in Your Paid Search and Internul Search Rusults

Acording to Goggle, 10-20% of all Goggle searches are actually mispelled.

If you didn’t catch that much of that sentence itself was misspelled, you are probably also missing out on the 80-90 percent of searchers who aren’t misspelling their search terms. As crucial and somewhat obvious it seems to ensure you actually spell your own keywords correctly, it’s also important to catch the ones that are not. It’s something that is very easy to overlook, but 10-20% of your customer base is certainly worth finding in any way you can.

Take the often misguided, yet popularly searched Britney Spears. “Britney Spears” is misspelled 20 percent of the time in Google, and there are about 600 common misspellings of her name, according to Google founder Sergey Brin. Here are different ways that Google users happen to misspell their targeted keywords:

1.) Flat out misspelling words
Example: britney spears–>brittany spears

2.) Hitting the wrong key
Example: britney spears–> brotney spears

3.) Hitting a letter one too many times
Example: britney spears–> brittney spears

4.) Omitting a letter
Example: britney spears–> britny spears

5.) Transposing letters
Example: britney spears—> britneys pears

How important are factoring in misspellings to your site? Although meta keywords are not nearly as heavily weighted as they once were, misspellings here can come into play during a search. Misspellings are also important to factor for your internal search feature on your site. Customers who enter their product in the internal search bar are more likely to buy than those who search for and find their products. Adding misspellings to your keywords will ensure that Spellcheck junkies everywhere will always be able to find what they need on your site.

If you have a pay-per-click campaign, you have probably noticed that certain keywords are more expensive than they are worth to you. Many simple misspellings of these keywords are much cheaper, and they might get the kind of traffic to actually justify the expense. For certain keywords, the misspelling can actually heed better results than the correctly spelled word. So much for having spelling bees.

Looking for possible useful misspellings without spending all day on Google? Check out this tool for generating typos. Until everyone actually chooses to use the spell check feature in Firefox and IE7, you might pick up a couple of sales as a result. Just make sure to double check the addresses before sending anything out.

Happy Selling!

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