Measureable and Effective Social Media Tactics

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Earlier this year eMarketer wrote an article based on MarketingSherpa’s surprising findings concerning social media effectiveness and measurability.

MarketingSherpa’s study asked US Social Media Marketing Professionals to identify the most appropriate marketing uses for social media. Here are the results (in order of effectiveness):

  1. Influence brand reputation
  2. Increase brand awareness
  3. Improve search engine rankings
  4. Increase website traffic
  5. Generate leads
  6. Improve internal communications
  7. Increase online sales

If you have a small company, chances are you’ve heard the following phrase in a marketing meeting while discussing whether or not to engage in social media: “It will increase our online sales!” As you can see, however, this oft cited justification for involvement in social media is actually the least effective marketing use for social media. When you’re thinking about social media involvement you have to be thinking long term. The biggest marketing impact you will have will be changes in brand reputation and brand awareness. Next in line will be SEO benefits, and an increase in traffic and leads. It’s likely that all of these things will ultimately lead to an increase in sales, but not overnight.

Social Media Tactics That Get the Most Bang For the Buck

Since your company’s social media efforts are going to be a long-term commitment you should determine what’s most important to your company and which activities align with those factors. Ask yourself “Is it more important to be able to measure the results of my social media efforts now or is it more important to focus on social media efforts that will be the ‘most effective’ in the long-run?”

Below are the four most accurately measured social media tactics:

  1. Advertising on social networks
  2. Online news release distribution
  3. User reviews/rankings
  4. Blogger/online journalist relations

Below are the four “most effective” social media tactics as determined by social media professionals:

  1. User reviews/rankings
  2. Blogger/online journalist relations
  3. Forums/discussion groups
  4. Online news release distribution

As you can see, there is some overlap between the two lists- user reviews/rankings, blogger/online journalist relations, and online news release distribution. The overlapping activities are where you’ll find the best of both worlds- the most effective AND the most accurately measured social media efforts.

How does your company achieve these social media efforts? Leave a comment and let us know!

-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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