Using Link Sharing to Boost Search Engine Results

Knowing Google’s famous mantra “content is king” can be vital for getting better search engine rankings, but you are not restricted to using the text on your site alone to boost these rankings. If your link is associated with relevant content on another site, your site gets “votes” for those keywords. The higher the page rank for those sites, the more it helps you.

How does a common merchant accomplish this? Here are three ideas for getting your website better SEO exposure:


1. Post frequently on blogs or forums that relate to your products

Blogs and forums are chock full of content and you might as well capitalize on them. Don’t get too carried away in your post to include an incoming link to your site though.


2. Be proactive by hosting your own blog on another page

You can host this blog on a subdomain, such as, and then link it to a category on your site. Movable Type and WordPress provide blogging software and the most basic version is free. This gives you the opportunity to create another site full of both content and links to your store.


3. Exchange links with another site with similar content

Both sites will benefit from the links within the pages.


4. Write articles for sites relating to your products

You can include links to your site throughout the article as well as at the end.


Wanting to take link building to the next level? Volusion offers different options as part of its Search Engine Optimization Packages. This service is also available a la carte by buying a Custom SEO Package. Contact our sales team at 800-646-3517 option 2 for more information.

21 Responses to “Using Link Sharing to Boost Search Engine Results”

  1. The San Antonio Movers

    I keep reading about this, but it’s hard to find other moving companies to share links with…

  2. Anne

    This idea is too good and its a right way to improved the traffic

  3. Rastlosen

    The blog is making more than the site, and receiving more hits in general…

  4. bester

    how to linksharing???can you plz give me an idea!!thank you

  5. David Linke

    Great ideas on your site! This is really valuable information for increasing ranking and visabiltiy.

    Thank you.


    Great tips to help improve the page rank. I’ll try this for sure.

  7. Steve P.

    Posting in forums is a helpful tip, you just have to be sure that by linking to your site you’re not violating the forum’s terms and conditions. But as long as its relevant, most allow you to leave a link in your signature below your post. Cheers!

  8. Kirk Douglas Forney

    Interesting content and topic i truly believe link building and seo is the most important way to get high page rank and lots of viral free traffic.

  9. Sherylene

    I too am a beginner at linking, but will try the approaches mentioned above. I sell Trendy Women’s Clothing.

  10. stewartlab

    I found link sharing is important but truly good content (often) is also a key to good rankings. Thanks a lot Stewart Dental Lab

  11. SohoInteractive

    Link sharing is the key for search engine success, thank you for the insight.

  12. HotCouponz

    Great tips. Thank you. Can you list any web sites or directories that offer link exchanging?

  13. Alistair

    I am a beginner at linking. I have just started a new website selling heating products and I am finding it hard to get a good ranking on search engines. Do you have any other tips for me, the ones you suggested above have been a great help.

  14. blogadmin

    Thank you for your comment. The quality and quantity of links pointing to a page do help search engines in determining how to rank that page in comparison to other related pages, but this only represents one of many factors. This post contains just a few ideas for getting involved and promoting awareness of a website through content building, which can help with link building efforts over time. To answer “does it work” – that depends on what goal you are trying to achieve. If you effectively use a blog as an opportunity to build a community around your brand, which means getting involved, providing valuable resources to your target market and establishing long-standing credibility, other sites will naturally find and link to the content on your site. These inbound links will help a page get discovered, and will likely give it a boost in the SERPs, but these are results that can only be realized in the long term with consistent effort.

  15. Gil

    It seems that when you look into how to’s of blog promotions the tips and services are long on promise and short on results. Does this link stuff work? Hard to tell.

  16. Smith

    Its a very interesting and cool post about online shopping. people are using online shopping to buy any product.
    Thanks for your time to write this post.

  17. blogadmin

    Yasir, when you are linking to other sites, those are outbound links. You want to receive inbound links from other sites. That is what will boost your PageRank which improves your search engine results.

  18. Yasir

    I tried linking my website to different related sites, and when i search it in google it shows them but my ranking is still the same. My website is !!!

  19. Rebecca

    My previous comment demonstrated that I don’t know how to use HTML, I’m afraid. Sorry about that. I meant to link to the blog in question at Not to link the entire rest of the comment to nothing. So I guess I also need to ask how to make sure such links appear correctly in posts. Thank you!

    (Michelle:Hi Rebecca. We fixed the html in the previous comment for you. Submitting articles to online magazines is a great way to accumulate backlinks to your site. You can Google magazines in your industry and email the editor your submission with a brief pitch. Often magazines have guidelines for writing style, content, etc, so look for this before submitting your article. Remember to follow up on your submission request if your article was not published the first time. There are many sites available for submitting your article online. Bear in mind, the more general the site you submit your site to, the less useful its content will be.)

  20. Rebecca

    I did a blog as you describe, Dexter’s Discoveries, and it is now more popular than my store site. I’m hoping that it will be a good thing in the long run.  As to writing articles, can you give us more details on that? Do you simply offer your articles to likely folks, or is there an established protocal for that?

  21. wow powerleveling

    i have tried the links sharing as u said.
    it works well at first,but the rate of the effect was reduced about 2 weeks how do u think of such situation?
    (Michelle: There are many factors that can play into this. If the sites that you post on lose page rank, that link becomes less effective. Your link can even lose value as it moves further and further down a page. Link sharing is also something to keep up continually over time, so keep plugging away. Creating and updating a blog is also a great way to help build more links on the web.)


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