Your 3 Step SEO Routine for Less Pain and More Gain [Infographic]

It’s time to whip your store’s SEO into shape!

To help you get on track, we’ve created this infographic to serve as your SEO personal trainer. From assessing your SEO health to building your personal workout plan, you’ll learn tips to help your ecommerce site get into the best SEO shape of its life.

Enjoy! (Click image for larger version)



Alison Garrison is Volusion’s SEO Group Manager, overseeing a team of passionate SEO and social media experts. Armed with a Liberal Arts degree from Kenyon College and an MBA from SMU, Alison has optimized more sites than she can count. When she isn’t obsessing over search marketing, you can find her with Hilly Bean, Olive & Lamar (her dog and two cats), reading SciFi or exploring the beautiful city of Austin with her husband.

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  1. Madeleine

    registering for SEO webinar- so far my sales results thru Volusion are
    0 or really minus $63.57 plus fee I had to pay another system to process old customers orders online….


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