Creating Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads How-To
Online display ads have become increasingly popular as a part of large online marketing campaigns because their flashy eye catching design can attract customer attention. With Google AdWords and AdSense usage on the rise Google created a way to create display ads quickly without any design experience- making display ads more accessible to businesses with smaller marketing budgets.

Once you have an AdWords account set up and you have created your campaign(s) you can easily create display ads as well.
Follow the steps below to create online display ads for your business:

  1. Sign into your AdWords account
  2. Select one of your campaigns
  3. Pick the ad group you want
  4. Click on the “display ad builder” link
  5. Select the template you would like to use
    Remember when selecting the template that layout is the most important thing to evaluate. You can change the colors later but the layouts and actions (flashing, moving text, etc.) are fixed. Think about which layout will best convey the message you will be sending. Some templates place more emphasis on the image and some on the message.
  6. Customize the template
    You will be asked for everything you would enter for a regular text ad with the addition of color selection, click text, and an image. When uploading an image remember that depending on its placement it can be a logo or say, an image of customers using your product. Get creative! As you are customizing your template feel free to try many different combinations of colors and text and images. The ad in progress will stay visible on the page even as you navigate around to different fields and options- making it easier for you to get the perfect look.
  7. Pick your bidding strategy
  8. Marvel at your newly created ad

Tips to Remember:

  • Once you have created your ad you will not be able to make changes to the size of the ad- size selection is done at the beginning. If you chose to have the ad created in several sizes, any changes will be made to all of the ad sizes- there is no way modify each size individually unless you create them each separately.
  • You can use the “Display Likelihood” feature to get predictions on how your ad will perform. It will rank your ad and give you back a determination on the likelihood of your ad performing well that ranges from “Long Shot” to “Excellent.”
  • You must have full legal rights or an authorization to use any images that you place in your display ad or you are violating Google’s advertising policies. Make sure that you can legally distribute anything you are using.

For more information visit: Google Display Ads 101

-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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