Hot Tub Warehouse Turns Up the Heat with a 1314% Increase in Revenue

Hot Tub Warehouse has managed a successful retail store since 1967. After opening their online store with Volusion in June 2010, the company realized it needed some help marketing the new site.

Since 1967, Hot Tub Warehouse has had a thriving retail store selling hot tub products and supplies and with more customers choosing to shop online, they decided to enter the world of ecommerce. Picking the right shopping cart was an easy choice. Hot Tub Warehouse looked at other shopping carts and chose Volusion because of its features and the pricing that beat all other platforms. In June 2010, they opened their first online store.


  • Grow the site’s organic search engine traffic to
  • Increase the volume of organic traffic to the site from relevant, targeted keywords
  • Understand the site’s search engine performance and identify areas for improvement
  • Drive qualified traffic to the site through optimized shopping feeds
  • Generate revenue through traffic



  • Grew total organic traffic on the Hot Tub Warehouse site by 870% within six months
  • Increased blog traffic by 149% in the same time period
  • Created 45% revenue growth from shopping feed traffic alone


The Challenge

As they got their site up and running it was becoming more and more apparent that Hot Tub Warehouse would need help with marketing. As a new site, they would be starting from scratch and it was important that they start on the right foot. Building links and gaining traction in the search engines early is important for a new online store. They chose Volusion’s team of expert SEO specialists to run a custom SEO campaign on their site.

“We didn’t know where start. We needed help to get started with our SEO since we didn’t have any experience in the complex world of online search engine optimization.”

The Solution

The Custom SEO plan for included ongoing on-page optimization, regular content development through a blog, submission of products to comparison shopping engines and link building to help grow the site’s organic visibility, traffic and revenue. Over the course of six months, Hot Tub Warehouse saw significant growth in organic traffic, traffic from shopping engines and a huge growth in revenue as a result.

“Volusion SEO has given us a huge head start in online marketing and link building. We started out from scratch and zero web presence and are now growing much faster than we thought we would be when we started.”

The Outcome

After six months of aggressive SEO work by the Volusion SEO team, Hot Tub Warehouse achieved significant success in organic traffic and sales. The team started with a handful of keywords and expanded from there. The organic site traffic grew by 870% creating a 1314% increase in revenue from organic traffic growth alone. The traffic that came to the blog increased by 149% over the six-month period, and the number of visits from the blog to the ecommerce site increased by 145%. The shopping feeds produced a huge amount of traffic and revenue for the Hot Tub Warehouse. The traffic from the shopping feeds increased by 100% resulting in a 45% growth in revenue from those feeds.

The overall site traffic, which came from organic search, blog referrals, shopping engines and other sources from the team’s efforts, grew by 614%. This increased the site’s overall revenue by a 931%.

The expertise and ongoing work of the Volusion SEO team paid off, resulting in a huge success for this brand new store in just six months. The work the SEO team did for Hot Tub Warehouse created an excellent foundation from which to build. The confidence Hot Tub Warehouse has in its Volusion store led them to open another store and expand their reach online. Congrats to a new online store for growing quickly and making the most of their online presence.


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