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It’s time to start pulling out your holiday decorations – for your site, that is.

Ecommerce web design is always key, but it becomes even more critical during the holiday selling season. So to help you get ready, our designers, Sarah and Sterling, share some of their insights on how to make your site more festive, and more importantly, higher converting.


Here’s the transcript if you’d like to read along:

Matt: Hi, everybody! Welcome to this week’s edition of Ecommerce Roundtable. My name’s Matt. I’m excited to be joined by two of our fantastic Volusion designers, Sarah and Sterling. We’re going to kick off our very important series, and that’s going to be our holiday series. We’re going over what you can do from design, pay per click, and SEO standpoint.

Today we’re going to focus on design, and what you can do to ramp up your site for the holiday. Sterling, if I can start off with you: in general, what can our store owners do to boost their sales during this period?


Sterling: Well, you want to have some kind of special running for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Get started on those ahead of time. If you have category pages, don’t forget to include any deals specific to those categories on those pages. You can also run banners on your homepage, or have an image in your slideshow that shows it off. If you want a banner or graphic highlighting your deal on every page, you’ll want to edit your template and include it in there. We also have a feature called “Nav Menu Promotions,” so you can always add some kind of special that will show up in your navigational menu.

And don’t forget the details, like gift wrapping. You’ll save a lot of people a lot of trouble by offering to wrap their gifts. Another detail: Free shipping. Everybody loves free shipping, and you don’t have to offer free shipping on every purchase. Instead, consider having some kind of deal like “Free shipping for all orders $50 and above.” And since you’re running an online business, you’ll also want to emphasize how much more convenient online shopping is compared to trekking through crazy malls.


Matt: Totally. It sounds like making it easy as possible and playing up the holiday angle are good approaches. All right, Sarah, I’m going to turn to you now. From a design standpoint, what can you do to your storefront to prep for the holiday season?


Sarah:  To start off, you should always be updating your store throughout the year to keep your content and store as fresh as possible. Toward the holidays, try adding some holiday design elements to your header, footer or both. That way, you’ll make sure your customers know that you’re having holiday sales right now, and that they need to come and buy while they’re still here.

Another thing is that we’re offering some new premium templates. You can also try those out, and then after the holidays are done, either stick with it or go back to your former design.

You’ll additionally want to create holiday banners along with all of the holiday sales that you’re having. Make them festive and fun to look at. We also offer free holiday images and graphics that you can utilize.

Another fun thing to do is customize your logo. I know Google and Yahoo sometimes add Christmas lights, or a Santa hat, or something to their logo. You can also try to do something like that which is fun for customers to look at.


Matt: It’s really all about setting the mood it seems. The department stores have the trees, and the snow balls out in October. You need to start doing that kind of stuff as well to get people ramped up for it. Whether it’s a new premium template, or just doing a bit of customization, holiday preparation is definitely recommended.

Believe it or not, even though it’s 100 degrees in Texas, it’s time to start prepping for the holidays. Sterling, Sarah, thank you so much for your design advice. Join us next week, when we’ll discuss Pay-Per-Click for the holidays. Happy selling!


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