HockeyShot Shoots and Scores with Their Online Store


JP Brun is a 27 year-old lifelong hockey enthusiast from New Brunswick, Canada. He is also co-owner of one of the most popular hockey stores online. Because of their worldwide online presence, HockeyShot has almost become synonymous with the sport of hockey. (and its Canadian counterpart offer more than 700 hockey training products to help hockey players of all levels hone their skills. We caught up to JP to discuss what has made HockeyShot so successful. Here’s the insight he shared with us:

Volusion: When did you first start as an online business?
JP: The online store with full product line-up started in 2007. We have been with Volusion since March of 2008.

Volusion: Why did you decide to change providers and move your online store to Volusion?
JP: We moved due to the frustration of always having to contact programmers to customize work for us to help meet our online store needs. Our last shopping cart simply did not have nearly enough features to operate efficiently. There were many tasks that required manual data entry and time with our old cart, which are now automated with Volusion’s cart.

Volusion has helped us become a much more efficient online store, and permit us to focus more on sales and marketing to grow our business. Since going with Volusion, our sales have increased over 300%.

Volusion: Wow, that’s a huge increase! Which Volusion features in particular do you think helped contribute to that growth?
JP: Mainly I would say:

  • Auto drop shipping
  • FedEx integration to speed up the printing for waybills
  • The ease of creating products
  • SEO tabs to help with search engine positioning
  • The easy to use interface, which eliminates the need for programmers
  • The multiple warehouse function for products to help with shipping cost accuracy
  • A complete phone order page to rapidly process phone orders

Volusion: Why don’t you tell us a little bit more about as an online business- what do you offer the typical hockey player?
JP: is an online leader in hockey products. The hockey training aids market is rapidly growing and we cater to the needs of home users, coaches, hockey schools and training centers across North America and Europe. We are the busiest site in hockey training on the web!

Our products are geared for all ages and levels, but we tend to market to competitive teams (AA and AAA levels) looking to make it to the next levels. Our line-up features hockey training aids and skillbuilding products, hockey coaching products, dryland training products, and DVDs. We also provide tons of great free tips, videos, and a free hockey training program! We continually strive to find the new and latest hockey training aids products to satisfy our customer needs.

Volusion: Have you ever gotten an order from a famous player or team?
JP: We have had several orders from professional NHL clubs. Famous players who have ordered include Rob Blake and Scott Pellerin. We have also sold to many of the top hockey schools worldwide.

Volusion: Okay, I think it needs to be asked… Which NHL team is your favorite?
JP: The Pittsburgh Penguins!  I grew up in Moncton New Brunswick, about a two hour drive from where Sidney Crosby grew up.

Volusion: Now JP, in your expert opinion, are Americans better at hockey or Canadians? Just
kidding, you don’t have to answer that!

JP: That’s too easy. Canadians of course! Just kidding.

Volusion: Moving right along… JP, clearly you had success starting an online business. What advice can you give your fellow online store owners to achieve the same success?
JP: I would strongly recommend considering Volusion for your online store.  Compared to other online store software, Volusion has way more options and is way easier to use. If you’re tired of wasting time and frustration due to the lack of features with your current shopping cart, give Volusion’s shopping cart a try!

With Volusion, we spend a lot less time handling and fulfilling orders, which has allowed us to spend more time on marketing and sales efforts. Volusion has been a big factor in our business’ growth and we are very happy to have gone with them!

Volusion: Thank you for your time today JP!

Interested in finding out what Volusion has to offer your online business? Sign up for a free trial today!

-Kate Pierce ecommerce Specialist

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