Google+ & Your Brand: 6 Ways to Boost Productivity

I’ve been on a productivity kick lately, and likely you’ve been too. Springtime brings an exciting new energy for planning and reflection in all areas of life (work, family and fitness). It’s amazing how many tools and apps are out there, built with the purpose of making us more productive. And then there are tools, like Google+, that aren’t developed exclusively to make you more productive, but have built-in features that can save you and your business significant time and resources.

Here are just a few ways your brand can utilize the social network to boost productivity and creativity.

Host meetings: If your business is spread across three cities, or you’re a frequent traveler, it can be difficult to set up virtual meetings and make them productive. With Hangouts, a built-in feature of Google+, you can bring the people you need together and host a meeting seamlessly. From the Google+ stream, simply select “Start a hangout” to get started. The best part? You can have a conversation and continue working because Hangouts gives you the option to use Google Docs during the session and share your screen.

Organize focus groups: Need to get some customer feedback on your new product line, fast? Facilitate a focus group through Google+ and gather some insights from your customers in no time.

Promote your products: Have an exciting product launch coming up and want to give a sneak preview to a select set of customers? Host a Hangout session for your most loyal customers to share the news and then give them an exclusive offer in the form of a coupon code. They’ll feel personally connected to you and have a reason to keep up with your future promotions on Google+.

Train the team on new products: Say you’re introducing a new tool for your business (maybe you’ve decided to use the Volusion platform for example) and want to train your team on how to input products, set up coupons and accept orders. You can share files, show videos and collaborate with team members right through Google+ for effective training sessions.

Provide customer service: Certain brands are already providing service to their customers through social channels like Twitter and Facebook. Google+ takes that to the next level with the ability to chat face-to-face. With the screen sharing capability, you can see where your customer needs assistance and how you can resolve the issue. This definitely calls for careful planning and analysis on how and if it makes sense for your business.

Live giveaways: Host a live giveaway for your customers by inviting them to join a hangout. You could get creative with this by telling customers that the first three people to join the hangout will receive, for example, 30%, 20% and 10% respectively off an item from your online store.


That wraps up today’s six ways you can boost productivity using Google’s newest social network, Google+. Have you used any of these strategies for your business? What other ways could you see Google+ being a part of your operations strategy? We’d love to hear your ideas!


Happy selling!
-Olga Kazakova, Director of Corporate Communications, Volusion


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