Gina Geraci Uses Volusion to Offer Authentic NYC Bagels Around the Country


Gina Geraci knew she had something special to sell online being located in New York. “New York Bagels are famous for their one of a kind taste and texture. It is one of the many things people crave after leaving New York. I knew it would be a hit because authentic NYC bagels cannot be found anywhere else but here.”

It is a unique gift idea and a great alternative to flowers and candy. The name New York Bagel Box was the perfect name for our online business.”

Gina originally went with GoDaddy based on the price but soon found the cart too restrictive. “Volusion offers options not available from GoDaddy. I was able to customize the free Volusion template to make my site look as if it was created just for NY Bagel Box. The old saying is true…you get what you pay for!”

Volusion’s automated features have helped Gina handle busy holiday seasons with ease. “The gift certificate options are a great way for our customers to purchase gifts to fit any budget. It also allows the gift recipient to select product preferences to satisfy any flavor craving. During the holidays, this is our most used marketing feature. I also love the fact that my shipping labels can be created with the touch of a button right on the “process order” page. During our busy season, this feature is priceless.”

Gina’s ambitions do not stop at bagels. “In the future NY Bagel Box plans to continue satisfying New York Bagel cravings all over the USA with hopes of developing a new web site that will deliver more New York specialties …..any guesses on what they might be?”

Happy Selling!

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