Free Tools to Make Your Store’s Graphics Look Legit

If you go to a site, and it doesn’t look right, you will probably go somewhere else. After all, if someone doesn’t care to make their website look good, what will their product be like?

It’s not always a correct assumption, but it is one that we make.

One way to give your website legitimacy is to make sure that all of the photos are the size they should be given the space available. If you focus on selling and are not a Photoshop master, don’t worry. There are tools out there that make this process easy.

Resizr allows you to upload a photo and then choose the size and format you want it to be, rotate it, crop it, or make it black and white. If you don’t want to spend $100 for Photoshop Elements, Resizr is a good alternative for basic tasks such as these.

Are you wanting to color correct one photo and take out red eye from another? If you only need to make a few changes, an alternative to Photoshop is Gimpshop. Although Gimpshop is not quite as user friendly as Photoshop, it does have a very similar feature set and should do most of the basic tasks needed to fix your graphics.

Use the tools available to you to make your graphics legit. It’s crucial in closing the sale.

Happy Selling!


3 Responses to “Free Tools to Make Your Store’s Graphics Look Legit”

  1. blogadmin

    I’m not so sure I would veer away from the homepage concept entirely. Why? Here’s an example:

    Say I am a scuba diver and I buy some gear from you. I love your customer service so much, I refer to your homepage in a forum. Although forums generally feature nofollow links, they are good for exposure. A blogger or magazine reads this forum, and refers to your website again. This is a backlink, which is good for SEO. Another blogger picks up on the fact that your service and prices are amazing, and refers to your website yet again. So much SEO now depends on backlinks, and no blogger, magazine, or person will refer to a specific landing page. They will refer to your homepage, so it’s important to optimize your homepage as much as possible. In fact, many websites use the nofollow attribute on pages like their “Terms and Conditions” page just to divert more “link juice” to their home page and more important pages within a site.

    Remember, so much SEO is actually generated off page rather than on page. If you aren’t taking advantage of the most linked to page within your site, you could be missing out. Landing pages are really great for PPC campaigns though, since you only get two lines to tell your customer what you are all about in an ad. There is not a way to simplify those URLs though. Perhaps this could be a feature request for the forum.

  2. Phil Ellis

    Michelle, what do you think of the concept of a variety of “landing” pages instead of the “home” page concept. What impact, if any, does this have on SEO? Thanks and I look forward to your response.

    Phil Ellis

  3. Phil Ellis

    I am now reading the Volusion blog every day. While I have been at online sales for a few years now, I am new to Volusion. We are not paying MUCH more attention to page appearance from the viewers perspective. The posts on the blog help us a lot. Thank you again.

    Phil Ellis


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