Understanding Your Visitors by Viewing Your Ecommerce Site Statistics

Your designer created a slick template for your ecommerce store and your prices can’t be beat. Every day you comb over your orders in your Volusion Admin Area to see how much money you are making. After looking at your ROI Tracker, you can’t figure out why people are not buying. Rather than paying a psychic to discover the inner most thoughts and motivations of your visitors, try checking the statistics in your Volusion Control Panel.

How are your customers coming to you? How long are they on your site? What pages do they look at the most? What geographic areas are they located? There are answers to these questions and many more in your Hosting Control Panel, a free tool to all Volusion customers. The control panel gives you site statistics and graphs regarding much of this information and requires no setup on your part.

This feedback should allow you to assess your store’s strengths and weaknesses. If you notice that people click on your homepage but do not enter internal pages within your site, perhaps a new template or a redesigned homepage graphic would help. If the IP address of your visitors all come from New York, you know that you can capitalize on this market. If traffic spikes at the end of the month, maybe an end-of-the-month sale can turn those visitors into buyers.

Knowing your buyers is half the battle. Using your Control Panel on a regular basis can help take the mystery out of selling online.

Happy Selling!


One Response to “Understanding Your Visitors by Viewing Your Ecommerce Site Statistics”

  1. Rebecca

    I do look a the stats, but I am not sure that I get as much out of them as I could. For example, I notice what searches brought folks to us, and try to keep those topics and keywords appearing in our store blog — but perhaps that is just circular. Maybe I should be adding things that people might be searching for and not finding us on (bit I should write these things more clearly than that sentence). I also am not at all sure what response I should have to the geographic locations of my customers. I would love it if you would write more about this.
    (Michelle: If people are repeatedly searching for a particular product, you should make that product easy to find on your home page to ensure that you convert every sale you can. If you are getting a lot of traffic from a certain geographic area, you might want to offer these customers free shipping. You could also pursue marketing opportunities, e.g. geographically targeted click ads, radio ads, or mailers, in this area.)


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