Ecommerce Trial: Quick Tips and Hints for Getting Started

Hints for Your Ecommerce Trial:
First and foremost, watch the training videos. While watching, make sure to take down notes and re-watch anything that you may be confused about. Also, our software is extremely feature-rich, with many different areas that affect the functionality of your ecommerce store. Don’t overwhelm yourself by opening too many windows in the administrative panel. This can cause unnecessary confusion & frustration. Take it one step at a time, doing only the basic and necessary steps in the beginning. You can learn about the other features found in our software after the most important steps are completed (setting up products, adding photos, etc.) It is best to first set up your categories & subcategories. After those are setup, you can then set up your products & attach them to the applicable categories and/or subcategories that you’ve already created.

Quick Tip for Your Ecommerce Trial:
Many clients find it beneficial to have two internet windows open at the same time when working with our software. Usually one window is used for your administrative area, while the other window can display your storefront. You can toggle between the two windows as you work. When you implement changes in your administrative panel, always hit the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of your screen after each and every change you make. After the change is made, you can then go to the window that displays your storefront. Hit the “Refresh” button in your web browser to refresh the screen, and then you can see how the new changes affect your storefront.

Remember, anything done to your Free 14 Day Ecommerce Trial can be brought over once you go live. Here are a few things to remember once your site is online and ready to go:
–Always make sure your contact info is accurate and up to date.
–Quality product pictures make a huge difference, as well as accurate product descriptions. Make sure your site has both.
–Adding Homepage Graphics and Category Graphics are a nice and easy way to jazz up your web site.
–Allowing & displaying Customer Reviews can go a long way towards helping your potential customers feel confident when purchasing from your store. Enabling that feature will help give them the assurance they need to complete the purchase.

And remember, our sales staff is always here to help answer any questions you may have during the process of setting up your trial. Best of luck to you and your online business!


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