Webinar Follow-Up: Design Best Practices for the Holiday Season and Beyond

Check out this recap from our ecommerce design webinar.

Last week, two of our design experts held a webinar to share key insights and advice for sprucing up your store for the holidays and into the new year. From navigational improvements to promotions placement, this recap will give advice to help boost conversions. And for this post, we’ve also got answers to a few questions we couldn’t get to during our time slot.

Let’s be honest. Ecommerce design is as important as the products your selling.

Put yourself in the digital shoes of an online shopper. You’re looking for the perfect gift for your nephew and find the exact same product with the exact same price on two different sites. One site has a clean, crisp design while the other site’s ecommerce design is in full disarray, with low-quality images and no branding. Which do you trust? Which do you buy from?

If you’re like most shoppers, you’ll purchase from the ecommerce site that has the best design. Especially during this busy holiday season, you need to make the most of your site’s appearance to build trust. That’s why two of our custom design experts put together this webinar, full of great tips, tricks and strategies to help boost conversions.

As an added bonus, we’re sharing the following discounts:


So in case you missed the webinar, we’ve got the recording for you below. Our hosts also took some time to answer three lingering questions we couldn’t get to. First the questions, then the recording – enjoy!

What is the difference between a landing page and a home page?
A homepage is the initial page on your site between the header and footer. This page generally will advertise many of the products and promotions that you offer throughout your store. A landing page is an interior page that usually features one promotion or one line of products. A landing page tends to be simpler than the homepage as well. The homepage is always just one page whereas you can have multiple landing pages for specific purposes.

In regard to my Volusion mCommerce site, can I put up a splash page?
Yes, there is an option to have a splash page for the mobile design. When you click into the actual site you can browse the different categories and products that you have as well. Here are some useful knowledge base articles on Volusion mCommerce:

How can we remove our current store template to start over?
To remove a template from your store you’ll need to delete the files from your server via FTP. You would need to delete the template.html file as well as the template folder, which is located at vspfiles/templates/HERE. If you are unfamiliar with FTP here are some useful knowledge base articles:

Setting Up Your Volusion FTP: http://support.volusion.com/article/setting-your-volusion-ftp-account
Using Your Volusion FTP: http://support.volusion.com/article/using-your-volusion-ftp-account


And now for the recording:


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