Moving from eBay to Your Own Online Store

You realize that relationships are give/take, and in this one, you’ve realized you are giving much more than you should be. It started off so great though. As time wore on, you found more and more demands made of you with so much less in return. Honestly, how much more can you really take?

It’s time to end your long relationship selling on eBay and create your own store.

Between listing fees, commission fees, and the other random fees that eBay manages to squeeze out of its sellers, deciphering an eBay seller’s invoice is about as easy as figuring out federal tax codes. As difficult as it is to figure out exactly how much it costs to sell on eBay, it is not difficult to see that sellers’ fees are higher on eBay than they have ever been. There is also no way to know when eBay plans to raise fees again.

As irritating as higher fees can be, coming into ecommerce from eBay can be intimidating. eBay hovers in the top 20 most visited sites on the web and doesn’t show signs of stopping. eBay sellers depend on this kind of traffic, but taking proactive steps to create your own traffic can make all the difference.

Here are a few steps you can take to ease the transition into your own store.

1.) Don’t quit eBay “cold turkey.” Building a strong presence online takes time. There aren’t many ways around that and stores that flourish immediately truly are the exception. Accept this and keep up your eBay store to get some sales. This will give you the time to start building up your store.

2.) Go after the easiest customers to reach—your own. Send an email to all of your existing customers to tell them about your new store. You might want to give them a coupon or exclusive offer to entice them to visit.

3.) Get an online presence outside your store as well. Post to forums and ezines in your industry. Create your own blog. Exchange links with related sites. (See: Using Link Sharing to Boost Search Engine Results). This will allow you to build up back links which will only help your site with search engines.

4.) Use an affiliate program to gain traffic from other sources. Find sites in your industry and pay them a small fee in exchange for sales coming from their site.

5.) Start a pay-per-click campaign. Pay-per-click ads can become expensive, but they also direct leads to your site that wouldn’t be there in the first place. Getting an initial customer base can make it worth the expense. Looking for an effective pay-per-click campaign? Sign up for a Fast Traffic campaign and let us take care of it for you.

So go ahead and make the change. After all, you deserve to get more out of selling online.

Happy Selling!

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  1. Liam

    Wow, that first sentence summed up perfectly how we had been feeling for the last year. We have now quit eBay all together and use Google Adwords among other things to generate our own traffic.

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