DrinkUpNY Partners with Volusion’s SEO Team, Experiences 95% Increase in Organic Traffic

A unique and aggressive campaign gave this wine and spirit specialty store the boost it needed to break into the industry of rare spirits and wines.

DrinkUpNY is a licensed wine and spirits store based in Brooklyn, NY that offers customers a diverse and carefully selected array of fine libations, from the everyday to the incredibly rare, all at affordable prices. With the help of Volusion’s SEO service, DrinkUpNY was able to increase traffic, online visibility and revenue.


  • Increase organically generated search traffic and revenue
  • Boost online visibility for DrinkUpNY and its products
  • Raise brand awareness of DrinkUpNY to become a key player in the industry of rare wines and spirits
  • Connect with wine and spirit connoisseurs and generate long-term customer loyalty
  • Establish a robust link profile through blogging, social engagement, and press releases


  • Raised number of organic visits by 95%
  • Increased revenue from organic traffic by 65.8%
  • Increased rate of returning visitors by 25%
  • Expanded the amount of entrance keywords, or keyword diversity, by 61.3%
  • Accomplished a link profile in excess of 75,000 links


DrinkUpNY is a New York-based wine and spirits retailer that specializes in hard-to-find, artisanal brands. They believe that you should love what you drink, whether it’s a $7 Shiraz or a $500 Single Malt, so their staff has the enviable job of tasting as many wines, spirits and sakes as possible in order to find the very best for their customers. DrinkUpNY has created a store that makes it convenient, affordable and enjoyable to buy alcohol online.

The founder of DrinkUpNY is an IT geek with a love for fine libations. The idea of owning an ecommerce store and stocking it with world-class wine and spirits appealed to him, so he opened a retail location in Brooklyn and launched DrinkUpNY.com a few months later.

The DrinkUpNY team began building their ecommerce site in October 2006 and officially launched it just six weeks later. To complete this task within the desired time frame, the hard-working staff collaborated closely with Volusion to complete their store design and upload their products.

The Challenge

After their site launch, DrinkUpNY struggled to get organic traffic and visibility in highly competitive search engine results. Wanting to make an impact in the rare wines and spirits industry, the team decided to reach out to a professional SEO agency. After receiving many disappointing results, DrinkUpNY  came to Volusion to discuss their issues and get the search engine results they needed.

The Solution and Outcome

DrinkUpNY started their SEO services with Volusion in October 2010 and hasn’t looked back. Since working with Volusion, the store has seen a 95% increase in the number of organic visits and an increased organic revenue of 65.8%.  Even more, since opening their store with Volusion, DrinkUpNY has seen cumulative annual growth of 3100% and their portfolio has gone from 150 brands to 2200+ brands. During their first year, they sold about 17,000 bottles, and now sell more than 200,000 per year.                            

“Volusion offers a range of excellent services that benefit ecommerce companies like ours,” said Founder Kamal Mukherjee. “Aside from hosting our site, they have worked on the design elements and have helped us with SEO. Having 24-hour technical support and a dedicated SEO Account Manager is a fast and effective way to address any problems or concerns.”

Thanks to DrinkUpNY for sharing their experience. We look forward to seeing your continued success – here’s a toast to a great Volusion customer!



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