The Thompsons Ride Away From the Competition

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Mark and JoAnn Thompson sat down with us to discuss their online motorcycle accessory business. In April of 2007 they started with MyEbiz, selling everything needed to “Ride, Rock and Talk;” but less than a year later they had moved their store to Volusion. They shared with us some interesting information about their experiences switching ecommerce providers and utilizing all of the resources Volusion has to offer after making the move.

Volusion: So how did you get started in motorcycle accessories?
Thompsons: We had a bike we were trading in so we took the chrome accessories off to sell on eBay to make a little extra money towards our new bike, and once we put them up for auction the response was just overwhelming! So we thought “Wow there might be a business in this.” We did a lot of research to figure out exactly what we might want to sell (because the world of bike accessories can be endless) and then got started with our new business.

Volusion: So describe what you settled on; what exactly do you sell on
Thompsons: We offer motorcycle accessories (primarily for cruisers).  We specialize in motorcycle audio communication and music. Our audio, stereos, and accessories are miles tested and rider assured.  For the Harley Baggers we offer Biketronics Stereo plug and play systems. We are also a major dealer for Kendon stand-up/fold-up motorcycle trailers. We have lifts for sport and dirt bikes, as well as lifts for cruisers and choppers. Our handlebar mounted sound systems blend perfectly into any motorcycle allowing riders to simply dock their MP3, iPod, or Satellite Radio receiver on their handlebar and add a personal soundtrack to their ride.  We have motorcycle audio systems (wired and Bluetooth) with helmet headsets, CB communication or rider and passenger intercom.

Volusion: You said you were originally with MyEbiz, why did you decide to leave?
Thompsons: It was okay to get started, but [MyEbiz] lacked all the bells and whistles that Volusion offers.  We enjoy the feature rich website by Volusion that includes wish lists, email a friend, promotional products on the home page and much more.  We quickly out grew MyEbiz and needed to go with a host and website that could handle the traffic.  After doing quite a bit of research on different hosts Volusion rose to the top and the references and write ups on Volusion were wonderful. It was a no-brainer.

Volusion: What kind of feedback have you gotten on the site now that you have moved to Volusion?
Thompsons: The feature our customers like the most is the simple design and ease of navigation.  You don’t have to go through layers and layers to find what you’re looking for.  Customers often tell us they use the wish list feature and check out is a breeze. The shipping options are also really in tune with what the customers need.

Volusion: As an online store owner how have you found your experience with Volusion?
Thompsons: I think the administration of the website is outstanding.  It is so easy to do searches, find products, change shipping options, and create mail-outs.  Compared to the first site we had, Volusion is super rich in its abilities and very user friendly.  I will also add that the tech people are very helpful and knowledgeable if we do find something that we can’t figure out. Volusion’s 24/7 tech support has made [ecommerce] easier.

Volusion: Do you currently have any other websites or are there plans to open additional websites down the road?
Thompsons: is our only website.  We might expand later, but for now, it keeps us very busy.

Volusion: You two have succeeded in the world of ecommerce- what’s your advice for the people out there that are just getting started?
Thompsons: Our best advice to a new online store owner is to research the products you want to sell extensively and hook up with Volusion for your website.  It’s a lot easier to start with the best than to reinvent wheel.

Get started with Volusion today!

-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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