Customer Turned Business Owner: Jason Opens Up Instant Albums to the Australian Market

After researching different Ecommerce Solutions in the US and Australia, Jason choose Volusion as the solution provider for his first online store. Although he had some experience in web design and marketing due to previous job roles, he notes that he designed the website on his own without the need for any technical expertise. “The best thing is, I don’t need to know coding in order to update the website. I did a little tweaking of the templates to manipulate them design-wise, but other than that Volusion is very easy to use. I learned the basics and worked it out with a little help from the Volusion staff.”

How did the idea come about for Jason’s first online business? Two years ago, he discovered an Adesso Album being passed around at a wedding he was attending. Unlike a traditional pen and paper guestbook or photo album, this book included both. It was designed to fit Polaroid photos along with a space for wedding guests to include their personalized messages. The unique album was a hit, so Jason decided to purchase one for his own wedding.

Jason lives in Australia, so when it came time to order the item he encountered some problems since the album was only available from a US company. The last minute order meant that along with regular shipping costs and the risk of loss and damage from shipping overseas, there was also an urgent shipping fee to have the item there in time. As Jason notes, “Urgent shipping from the US is really, really expensive. I found out the hard way.” Jason decided that the album needed to be something that the Australian market could easily purchase without the added cost and wait time. After a discussion with the manufacturer of Adesso Albums, the growing online business known as was born.

With help from Volusion’s built-in marketing and SEO tools, Jason has seen increased success with his site’s online visibility. “My sales have been growing though I’m still in an infancy stage. I’m pleased I was indexed by Google within a month, and weekly from then on. The site is pretty SEO friendly. I rank highly.”

In time, Jason hopes to continue marketing and growing his online business into a full time operation. You can learn more about the Wedding Photo Guestbook, Birthday Photo Albums, Anniversary Photo Albums and more by visiting now.

Happy Selling!
-Stacie Leonard, Volusion

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