Creating A Story for Your Store: The Soup Peddler Shares His Love for All Things Tasty

If someone is new to your online store, they do not truly know if you are a mom and pop operation to trust or some scammer in a far off country. For this reason, it is important to use your website to tell a story. Giving your audience an opportunity to get to know you will help them decide if you are worthy of their business.

One such online store belongs to Soup Peddler David Ansel. Ansel makes homemade soup, dinners and desserts and delivers his tasty concoctions to businesses and individuals in the Austin area. So how do you spin soup to be fun? Ansel has an entire category dedicated to the Peddler story, including his cooking ventures as a young child, the spicy menudo-induced dream that lead to his idea to become the Soup Peddler, and his travels across the globe in pursuit of incredible food. Instead of simply having customers, Soup Peddler regulars are called “Soupies” and are welcome to rate each soup on Ansel’s “soup-o-meter.” How good are Ansel’s goodies? “One Soupie liked it [his mulligatawny soup] so much, she married the Soup Peddler…”

What is your story? Finding it can mean the difference can take your store from simply being an online warehouse to a way to express a passion for your business.

For more on the Soup Peddler, read Brian Massey’s article on David Ansel in the Bootstrap Austin blog.

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