Corey Anderson Uses Volusion to find ecommerce success for his store,

Corey Anderson started his first commercial janitorial business in 1993, and relied heavily on feather dusters as a “staple” in the industry. Over the years he struggled to find quality feather dusters, and when he did, they were extremely overpriced.

As Corey’s business grew, he developed a supply division for his corporation (Alta Supply, Inc.), and sold these janitorial supplies nationally to cleaning companies. The product line focused on hard-to-find supplies that janitorial companies used in their everyday operations. later became its own division as the demand for feather dusters was far greater than any other products that were sold.

Corey chose Volusion as his first choice for an ecommerce provider. He had no problem getting familiar with Volusion’s tools. “I don’t know any HTML, or coding whatsoever. The store was a breeze to set up. The tutorials were great, and it was fun to have a human going through the examples. His typos and corrections on the tutorials were humorous, and brought a certain ‘real-ness’ to the experience. We have received great feedback from customers stating how nice our site looks. Little do they know I had little to do with it–it is all Volusion. How wonderful it is to be up and successfully running from day one.”

Corey sells business to business as well as business to consumer. “For business to business clients, we rely on the coupon code and bulk discount scheduling for this. These two features are critical.”

Things are looking up for as he has found ecommerce success in a new market. What are Corey’s plans for his store? “Three things. 1)Grow 2)Grow 3)Grow. We have enjoyed being profitable from day one with Volusion, and we intend to grow by leaps and bounds. With continual SEO tuning, and other marketing strategies, we hope to be in the number one search position for our product–Feather Dusters.”

Happy Selling!

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