Conversationalists Climb the Ladder, Shake Up Social

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In this Volusion post, we discuss Forrester’s Social Technographics, a great tool to help guide a social media strategy for your online business. The research firm recently added a new profile to its social media users list – take a look to see where most of your customers fall.

If you love marketing, you’re probably familiar with Forrester’s Social Technographics. Several years ago, Forrester created an infographic that categorizes consumers by level of participation in social media. Businesses interested in pursuing social efforts can use the ladder as a guide when creating their social strategy.

And last week, the six existing segments (Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators and Inactives) welcomed a new member to the group. Enter the Conversationalist. According to Forrester, Conversationalists address two changes:

“First, it includes not just Twitter members, but also people who update social network status to converse (since this activity in Facebook is actually more prevalent than tweeting). And second, we include only people who update at least weekly, since anything less than this isn’t much of a conversation.”

Forrester also created a fun consumer profile tool where you can specify the age, country and gender of your target users and the application will spit back the social profile. Check it out here.

With the new addition, I’m happy to say that I’m a Conversationalist now too. What’s your social profile? Maybe you’re a Creator or Collector. If you keep up with the Volusion blog, then you’ve claimed the Spectator rung of the ladder!

Happy Selling!
– Olga Kazakova, Marketing Manager

What do you think of the “Conversationalist?” What rung of the social media usage ladder do you fall on? Where do you think the majority of your customers are? Do you have any suggestions on how to use this tool to adjust your social media strategy? Do you agree with the profiles created by Forrester? Tell us your thoughts!

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