Volusion Product Update: Coming Soon, V13

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  1. SB

    The new interface is too light and hard to see.

    My page also jumps down anytime I try to add order notes, private notes etc. to the page.

    I also cannot copy the text under order item names? It creates a link out of them? This makes it hard when you are drop shipping as now we have to type everything in an email as oppossed to just copying it.

    Can I switch back to the older version?

  2. SB

    One other comment. Alot of our customers are having a hard time finding the coupon code on the 1 page checkout. Is is clear as day on the Your Cart page but when they go to actually checkout it is hidden at the bottom.

    Alot of our customers have left the one page checkout due to the remote location of the coupon code section. It would be great if the coupon code was listed in the same location on both pages.

  3. SB

    The V13 platform shows up on screen too large. Even if I make the page smaller it does not help. You have to scroll to get to both sides of the page. I liked how the old version was laid out all in one page.

    Please also create a way to batch orders so that you can marked them as shipped all at once. You can only batch for charging payment, printing invoices and packing slips now.

    We also need a built in registry, I don’t want to send my customers to a third party site.


  4. Mary

    Tablet ready Administration!! Oh Yeah! I’ve been waiting patiently for this! I bought my ipad a year ago and was disappointed that I could not add products and work on my store via my ipad.

  5. Ruth

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your comments and feedback – we’re looking forward to debuting V13 in the coming weeks and hope that it further enables you to reach new heights with your online business. Our Product team is continuously working to add new features and enhancements to our software, and we greatly appreciate your suggestions. To help us learn more about what you’d like to see in future releases, please submit your recommendations at http://ideas.volusion.com. From there, we’ll be able to better consider them for inclusion in our product roadmap.

    Keep an eye out for updates regarding the V13 release. Thanks again for being such valued customers.

    -Ruth D., Product Marketing Manager, Volusion

  6. Victoria

    um what is the star google rating thing about?
    i don’t care about ebay
    what else was there? i already do my work on my iPad…

    how about adding integration of things like image rotators?

  7. Nick

    Volusion really needs to have a star rating on the product display when on our own websites! Browsing for different products would be great if the star rating was visible someplace besides at the bottom of the actual product, and near the very bottom of the page.

  8. Julia

    Really hoping to see a way to integrate with Amazon without having to pay for a third party that Volusion works with. We are still trying to get Volusion to answer a ticket regarding API, as we had our own developer write a script to automatically update inventory quantities between Volusion and Amazon. No answer to our ticket, and just frustrating to see Volusion integrated with most popular selling websites, except Amazon which you either pay for, or have your own developer write and you can’t get support from Volusion.

  9. Michael Simmons

    eBay Integration should be included in at least Bronze or higher. You have really set yourself apart from a large customer base where your competitors offer such integration in all pricing plans.

  10. Justin Lugbill

    This just looks like a facelift. Besides the ebay integration and reviews, are there any actual new features being implemented?

  11. roy

    is this a free volusion template?

  12. Mark

    All looks good but how about some upgrades to basic, fundamental functionality that are way over due. 1. replace ftp, with sftp for secure file transfer. 2. Upgrade the electronic download functionality which is severely outdated and dysfunctional

  13. Jennifer

    Hmmm, I’m not excited by any of these things. What about an Amazon integration???

  14. Global Hemp

    How about the following features?

    1. Get rid of table based layout in template and go purely with div’s?
    2. Combine Javascripts into a single file?
    3. Have WW3 compliant code for template? (e.g., no missing alt tags for images, etc)
    3. Google Website Optimizer for A/B split testing?
    4. Automagic newsletter segmentation based on simple things such as product, category, x days since last purchase, geolocation?

  15. Victoria Sylvestre

    Sure would love to see an easy way to integrate our own items, such as banner rotations. I can make them in my own program, but accessing the diff parts of the Volusion coding to stick the HTML into is rather nightmarish. I mean, ours looks so old fashioned without even the option of a simple image rotator….

  16. John Reinbergs

    I love new feature. Since I run 7 Volusion different stores anything to help make life easier is appreciated.

    BUT I still use version 9 Dashboard on all sites that I can. Your preview does not show any changes to the Dashboard. I need to see the info I want when I log in. You need to let me put on the Dasboard what I want, like I was able to do on version 9.

  17. Korah

    Are you fixing up your shipping options and all the quirks. Need to make this more simpler and offer more live rate integration options.

  18. Jeff White

    Looks great! Thanks.

    Amazon Checkout????????

  19. William

    Will we finally get an update on bandwidth? I mean let’s be real, the bandwidth overages are ridiculous. Do something good for your customers, you probably make a killing off overages but its one thing driving me away from Volusion.

    • Franck Barfety

      Amen to that William, especially when Big Commerce now offers free bandwidth to all customers.

  20. Swati

    Kudos for the new version. Till now what I have heard and what others keep mentioning, customising the frontend has been a nightmare with nested tables, specially the home page, products page, shopping cart and the checkout page.

    A sneak peak of the store fronted would be great. I am sure you will keep up the good work as the competition is leaving no stone unturned to leap ahead. Will eagerly wait for the new version to see if I can launch my online Life style store on Volusion. Thanks..

  21. Adrian Cano

    Will the ebay Integration be dynamic where one product sells on ebay it will remove it from the Volusion store and vise versa? If so this is huge because that feature alone is worth 1000’s of dollars.

    Volusion Preferred Partner & Reseller
    Adrian Cano

  22. shawn

    please include a way that we can customize the invoice. an invoice should have the company contact info and address on it

    • Victoria Sylvestre

      Just design the particular logo jpeg as all your info plus logo. There really no problem with it and I even keep it updated with messages.

  23. Bryan

    Would love to see a full list of new features. Keeping up with new features other ecommerce platforms are offering in the UI space is key. Video as product images, faceted search, category images that change when hovering over are some that would be great to have. Keep up the good work.

  24. Calvin Patrick

    Looks cool! Will have to check it out.

  25. Scott

    Would love to display inventory levels on product options.

  26. Ryan Artenen

    Just what we need! Thank you 🙂

  27. kevin

    looks like what should be released every quarter or minimum semi-annually. not a complete version upgrade.

  28. John Bilanko

    I appreciate the frequent update to the software, but would like to see Volusion address some practical problems we have encountered for years with larger, or multi package shipments:
    (1) Volusion does not fully integrate with UPS Worldship—for example, there are no hundredweight rates;
    (2) Using UPS live rates is not accurate with multiple package shipments—we should have the ability to set a maximum weight per box; and
    (3) I would like to offer fee shipping on orders above a certain amount without using those little icons that say “this product is eligible for free shipping”—customers get confused and think they get free shipping even if they don’t meet the minimum order amount.

    • Citrus Tools

      Bingo on #3!!! My customers are confused all the time with the freeship logo and a minimum purchase to get the freeship. Something needs adjustment on that.

    • Jerry

      Hey John, I had the same free shipping problem and just created my own truck with a bit more explanation than the stock ones. The confused calls virtually stopped with this small change. I left it a bit ambiguous intentionally, but you could make yours more concise. http://www.sheepleg.com/Goal_Zero_Guide_10_w_Batteries_p/guide%2010.htm

  29. Franck Barfety

    Will the frontend all the way through checkout also be optimized for the iPad and iPhone?

    • Billy

      +1 on this one.

      • Jeremy

        This is a must. Mobile optimized means nothing if checkout is not mobile optimized!

    • Wade Pierce

      +1 as well.

    • Franck Barfety

      In order to do this Volusion will have to redesign their shopping cart bringing it to 2012 standards with CSS3 and HTML 5 compliancy, using tableless design as much as possible. Right now the template is so outdated, with parts site owners cannot access and control.

    • Christopher


  30. Kevin

    Any chance that this version will include auto updating US zip code tax rates?

  31. Matt Baron

    Will you be able to put the review star code where you want to? This was a request we had. Glad to see you are doing this with reviews. We like to have the reviews at the top of the products page and not bottom, as it should be one of the first things people see about the product. Again, will we be able to put at the top of product pages? When will V13 be released?

  32. linda

    How about putting Auto-ship ?? this would be helpful

  33. Uta Brotherton

    I agree with Jerre Jo James. That looks interesting and you are keeping up with changes. Thanks Volusion!

    Uta =)

  34. Lucas

    Maybe they will fix the PayPal IPN problem and write some code so Volusion ignores IPN’s not specifically intended for your Volusion Store, for instance from eBay & thus from outside your store? This will stop warnings from PayPal about failed IPN’s.

  35. Ben Wilson

    I pray they have added the ability to send autoresponder messages to certain customers based on purchases.

  36. Jeff

    Once again it appears that the concerns of the customers have fallen on deaf ears. We have repeatedly asked and have been ignored about things that REALLY matter to sellers, like:
    *Easy to use and run custom reports like most popular product sold, reports from custom variables at checkout and other useful reports.
    *Customizable invoices. This is so frustrating and should be an easy fix! for Volusion
    *Easy integration of custom meta tags

  37. Brenda Mize

    V13 enhancements look great! Just curious if Star Ratings in Google will reflect overall site review rankings as well? Thanks!

  38. Alan Foster

    Looks good, but I will be hoping for more content control in volusion, such as the option to make your listings either landscape as well as portrait type with the option to keep your descriptions to the right of your images.

  39. Guy Incognito

    Looks neat, but the key question is whether or not they’ll finally put an ID or a class around the breadcrumbs.

  40. Gerry

    Why is Ebay integration only available on the most expensive packages, competitor packages have Ebay integration as standard. Out of touch with your SME customers…….

  41. Linda

    Glad to see the eBay integration — especially since i just spent a lot of time and money on an integration with SolidCommerce — and was sorely disappointed by them (and cancelled). Please keep the focus on updates that increase shopping card and checkout process conversion rate and ultimately increase sales (eBay integration should increase sales so i`m very happy to see this …) thanks, Linda

  42. Annie Nygard

    Will we finally be able to upload more than one product photo at a time???

  43. Gerald Jeansonne

    Can I beta test it?

  44. Jeff

    Any improvement is usually good, but unfortunately it appears that the ‘easy’ changes are often looked at by Volusion as a band aid for real customer concerns. Don’t get me wrong. I think Volusion is the best program on the market for shopping cart and easy web design, but there are so many more things that should deserve attention first like:
    *Ability to alter/customize invoice
    *Ability to specific specific shipping options for each product rather than a blanket ability to ship via UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.
    *Ability to pull custom reports based on custom variables such as “How did you hear about our company?”
    *Better reports such as top products sold, not just total number of sales or dollars

    All in all, I welcome the improvements. I just wish so many customer ideas wouldn’t fall on deaf ears.

    • Michael Pinckney

      I wholeheartedly agree! I’m not at all excited by the new things in the preview, but could improve my business with nuts and bolts changes such as those you mention and more.

      For example, it’s counterproductive that the sort control and the number of items per page control appear no matter how few products you have. These can’t be disabled and only confuse the customer if there’s less than a page of products.

      Another item that would improve my sales is the ability to offer USPS Priority Mail shipping where the customer could chose Flat Rate shipping where Standard Rate shipping depending on which is less. For example it’s common that a package costs $8.00 to someone in Washington or Oregon, but $14,00 to someone on the East coast, and $11.00 flat rate. If I offer flat rate, I lose the local sale, but if I offer standard rates I lose the East Coast sales.

      There are other needs that are improvements or fixes rather than fancy new features, that would have a much greater impact on my business than the items in the preview.



      • Hutch

        Michael, there is no reason you can’t offer both Priority Mail AND Flat Rate shipping options to your customers. By offering multiple options, you let your customers choose the one that works best for them. Simply edit and activate all of the options you want to offer, and your customers will choose one when they order.

        • Christine

          There are business reasons not to offer all shipping options on all products, so stores don’t always want customers to have every shipping choice. For example, I ship lower price small items usps, but more expensive items fedex. I have some items that ship from another state and that will never ship USPS. I also know I can ship fedex ground in a day in my state, but USPS is takes 2 days.

  45. Jerre Jo James

    Looks interesting Volusions does it right keeps the websites current.
    Jerre Jo


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