Blair Rhodes Uses Volusion’s Reliability and Convenience to Grow The Pashmina Store Into a Successful Online Business

Blair Rhodes had experience with websites as a web designer for Hollywood studios and software companies. That’s why when his online store, The Pashmina Store, went down during the Christmas season of 2004, he knew he could do better.”We knew we needed a more reliable company and a better website, but the final straw that made us switch was Christmas 2004 when the website was down more than it was up. Every hour it was downwould cost us several hundred dollars in sales and technical support was non-responsive. It was horribly frustrating,” said Blair.

After doing much research, Blair chose Volusion. “I’m happy to say that we made the right choice in going with Volusion. The Pashmina Store has had 3 very successful Christmas seasons with Volusion and I cannot remember a single case of downtime during even the heaviest of traffic. Plus, our average sales growth has been over 60% a year since we have moved to Volusion.”

Blair has also used Volusion’s admin features to help streamline his business operations to create a successful online business. “A great backend feature is being able to manage inventory so easily. I always know how many items we have in stock and can easily calculate our total inventory value. The most important day-to-day improvement that Volusion has helped with is shipping. By quickly being able to import and export customer shipping files directly in UPS software, we have saved over a thousand manhours each year. We actually used to have to enter every shipment by hand! Another great day-to-day time saver is the batch order printing and processing. This also used to be done one-by-one. During the busiest times when hundreds of orders are coming in fast, this saves an enormous amount of time.”

The Pashmina Store has continued to be a successful online business and experience phenomenal growth since starting with Volusion. “The Pashmina Store is expecting to continue to grow at 60% a year for the next several years. We plan to do this by expanding our product line to include more elaborate prints and designs on our pashmina scarves, wraps and shawls and also adding cashmere clothing items such as sweaters and robes. As we continue to grow and attract more traffic, we will most likely move to a semi-dedicated hosting plan at Volusion. Since Volusion has been a big part of our success, we plan to keep our business there as our traffic and hosting needs increase.”

Happy Selling!

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