Will Cyber Monday Be Topped This Year?

Green Monday is:

a.) The second day of every week for Al Gore. It is preceded by Green Sunday and followed by Green Tuesday.
b.) A wretched Green Day cover band.
c.) Historically, the biggest shopping day of the year.
d.) A term coined by eBay as a ploy to outpace Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s sales figures.

Although we do not know if Al Gore does indeed call every Monday “Green Monday”, eBay did coin the term for the biggest shopping day of the year. With exception of last year, online shoppers spend more money on the second Monday of December than any other day of the year. Will this be the case in 2007? It’s hard to say given the huge promotional pushes behind Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year.

The term “Green Monday” does not have the promotional backing of retail research company shop.org, which has proven to be Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s biggest cheerleader. What it does have going for it is history. As shop.org studies have shown, shoppers browse for products closer to Thanksgiving but buy later on. Since Green Monday falls just before Christmas shipping cut off dates and right after the weekend when shoppers browse for products, it’s a great day for online retail.

Black Friday saw a 37 percent gain in the number of people shopping online for the first time. Will Green Monday see the same, and will retailers eventually be able to use the term “Green Monday” to push sales the same way they did with Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Get out there and market your products, and we will certainly find out.



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