Ash N Juls Finds Success, Fights Plastics with Volusion

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This month’s success story features, an online business selling environmentally-friendly household items. Since joining Volusion, Ash N Juls’ revenue increased by 100%. Read on to learn more and receive advice from founder, Pei-Shan Wu.

It’s really exciting for us to see our ecommerce solution power the success of so many people. Recently, we’ve been noticing a growing number of Volusion family members on a global stage. That’s why we’re happy to place the spotlight on a client from Australia, Ash N Juls.

Ash N Juls founder, Pei-Shan Wu, is a mom troubled by the impact that household plastics are having on children’s health. After hearing negative reports of toxic chemicals and their effect on the environment, Pei-Shan knew it was time to share her knowledge with other like-minded parents. Thus, she decided to take her health-friendly products and message online.

After beginning a free trial with Volusion and diligently working to build her site with the help of our Out of This World Support™ team, debuted on November 28, 2008. Pei-Shan notes that the journey of building her online store was a rewarding experience, but became hard at times when trying to juggle young children and a growing business.

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When asked of her most difficult experience on the journey to success, Pei-Shan shares, “Juggling kids and work can be tough, like not starting work until the kids are in bed, or hiding in a cabinet when taking customer phone calls to avoid kids noise in the background – it’s hard work but well worth it.”

While probably a bit uncomfortable, it’s clear that taking calls in the cabinet is paying off – thanks to hard work and ranking on the first page of Google, Ash N Juls increased their revenue by a whopping 100%. This success has helped Pei-Shan and her partner take some much needed time off.

Online-retailing enables our family to reach the ideal work-family life balance. Thanks to Volusion, my website has generated enough sales for my partner to be on paternity leave for a year while we have our third child,” said Pei-Shan.

Talk about a success story! So what can you learn from Ash N Juls’ ride to the top?

Pei-Shan says that the main pillar of her success is always keeping the site’s product information up to date while sharing as much information with customers as possible. This establishes credibility and a sense of community.

“Believe in yourself. Really know your products. Provide the best customer service you possibly can.”

Based on the success of Ash N Juls, Pei-Shan plans to launch an entirely new Volusion store in the near future. We’re sure to see this store as another success story very soon.

Thanks to Ash N Juls for sharing their inspirational story with us!

Happy selling!
-Caroline Lim, Marketing Associate


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3 Responses to “Ash N Juls Finds Success, Fights Plastics with Volusion”

  1. connie ozdil

    Hello Pei-Shan Wu:
    I have a question, how long did it take you to the point of generating sales? I launched my website with Volusion in June 2010 but I have been very frustrated with out generation sales through the website. Right now I am generating most of my sales through local show events.
    Did you do your own SEO? and how did you get to be on the top of the Google organic search? did you get any help or any tips you can share? Do you sale internationally or just with in Australia?
    I am a mom as well so I can really relate to your experience and do congratulate you on your success, I am always happy to see success stories where hard work pays off.

    Thank you so much in advance and I would love to be in contact with you!

  2. Janisse Russell

    I really enjoyed this blog. If Pei-Shan can do it, so can I. Thank you.

    I do have some questions, though. I’ve never heard of Volusion before, so please excuse my ignorance, but does Volusion deal in online stores? I would like to go into business with an online store that caters to Plus-sized people (Both men and women), offering stylish clothing at a reasonable price. Is this possible with Volusion, and how would I go about doing it?

    • Matt

      Hi Janisse,

      Thanks for reading the story – it really is heart warming to see someone climb the ladder of success on their own terms.

      Yes, here at Volusion, we provide a solution that allows you to build, manage and run an online store. We have several customers who successfully sell apparel, so you’d definitely be in good hands with us. A great start to learn more is to sign up for a free trial of our software and begin speaking with an ecommerce consultant to guide you through the process. You can take our software for a spin by visiting this link: Then, call one of our friendly consultants at 1.800.646.3517, option 2.

      Happy selling!


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