Announcing the Winners of the 2nd Annual Mompreneur Makeover Contest

After heartfelt deliberations from contest judges, Volusion moms, we’re excited to announce the winners of our 2nd Annual Mompreneur Makeover Contest! Continue reading to see who took home the awesome prizes and read their stories.

Drum roll please….

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of our Mompreneur Makeover Contest! We had 190 amazing entries detailing why these powerful moms/business owners deserve a personal and professional makeover.

Needless to say, choosing just three was hard, especially since each and every contestant had such an inspiring story to tell. So, we ended up choosing two winners to tie for 3rd place!

Before making the big announcement, we’d like to thank our fabulous mompreneurs for their time and willingness to share their stories from the heart. Each entry was truly touching, and we’re inspired to see so many successful moms out there doing what they love. Our job is to help make your lives easier, and it’s our hope that you’ll leverage our resources to help your business better succeed.

We invite all of you to read through these beautiful stories here. One thing is for sure: moms everywhere will be able to relate to the many hats these women wear.

Without further ado, the winners are:

Grand Prize Winner:

Nicole Derryberry of The Lua

Nicole’s product is unique, innovative and born out of necessity. She found herself always throwing a regular “blanket” over her babies’ car seat to protect them from things like weather, germs, and bright light. When she did this, she felt like it was too hard to safely hold the car seat and inevitably, the blanket always slipped, drug on the ground and just didn’t feel safe. This mother of three searched for a better solution, and when she couldn’t find it, she made a prototype, tested it with some local friends and the Lua was born. This unique product can be used as a car seat cover, nursing cover, shopping cart cover and high chair cover.

Nicole wins a free Volusion Gold store for a year, an iPad and a $250 gift card to the spa of her choice.

Here’s what Nicole had to say upon learning about her big win:

I’m SO excited to have this opportunity for The Lua! I can’t wait for my business makeover by Volusion. I’ve never won anything before, and to be chosen is just what I needed to help me grow in a NEW direction. This makeover came at the right time and is definitely going to put the “bounce” back in my step. I’m also looking forward to a much needed day of relaxation at the spa – what a treat that I would never do for myself. And winning an iPad – how awesome! I’m feeling like the luckiest person…it’s all still sinking in. I just can’t thank you enough for such an AMAZING gift/opportunity. My business and I will be forever changed and grateful!

2nd Place Winner:

Cheri Chapman of Chapman Hill Baby

After her sweet baby girl, Amaya, was born with holoprosencephaly, Cheri vowed to give her the best life possible. She got so frustrated with the medical teams that told her just to “make her child comfortable” that she enrolled in nursing school to learn more and become a nurse. The year she graduated, she lost little Amaya at the age of three. After going through a long grieving process, Cheri became a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse and dedicated her life to helping fragile babies and children. During her time as a nurse, she had four more children. With a military husband who was deployed, Cheri felt the need to be more present for her kids. This is when Chapman Hill Baby was born, and Cheri loves being able to sell unique baby and child products from the comfort of her home with her kids. She’s also in the process of starting a program called Homemade Goodness that will feature work-at-home-mom crafters and artisans. Cheri is excited to partner with them in offering the best of what’s available in custom baby products, toys and accessories.

Cheri is taking home a $295 Twitter Design from Volusion, a $250 Visa gift card and a $150 gift card to a spa of her choice.

3rd Place Winner:

Julia Butera of hope. health. joy

On her son’s 5th birthday, Julia’s foundation in life cracked when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She had been working for a large corporate company in the fashion industry. While she was receiving treatment for her lymphoma, she started making jams to pass the time. The jams were so well-received that she decided to quit her job, spend more time with her little boy and start her business. Her business is unique because it was built to give back. Julia gives a whopping 75% of the proceeds from her store to The Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Julia is the winner of a $295 Twitter Design from Volusion and a $150 gift card to a spa of her choice.

3rd Place Winner:

Aisha Greene of Hartlyn Kids Media

Hartlyn Kids Media, LLC is an independent children’s book publishing company dedicated to exposing children and their parents to the diversity of cultures around the world. Aisha started the company so that she could expose her daughter to different cultures, languages and religions. How do her books work? Each book is written by authors local to the countries that they’re writing about and include a “passport” stamp. After reading the book, you’ve effectively “visited” that country.

Aisha wins a $295 Twitter Design from Volusion and a $150 gift card to a spa of her choice.


Congratulations, ladies, and thanks for all that you do!

-Molly Sylestine, Public Relations Associate, Volusion


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