Airsoft Megastore Brings Airsoft to the Masses

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Today’s Volusion blog highlights Airsoft Megastore, the fastest growing airsoft retailer in the nation. Using Volusion’s ecommerce solution as the foundation of their online business, Airsoft Megastore has experienced exponential growth over the years, thanks to its top-notch customer service and bargain prices. Read more to learn about the company’s quick rise to the top.


This week’s success story is a classic tale of a dedicated entrepreneur creating a clear business vision and running with it. Volusion customer, Airsoft Megastore (, opened their online store with us two years ago and has been experiencing rapid growth ever since. In fact, they have quickly become the fastest growing airsoft retailer in the nation by specializing in airsoft gear, including spring, gas and electric airsoft guns.

Wondering what airsoft is? Not a problem. In essence, airsoft is a combat sport that is similar to paintball; however it’s much more realistic, using non-metallic pellets launched from a compressed-air gun. The sport originated in Asia and quickly expanded across the world. The rise in popularity provided founder Mike Zhang with the perfect opportunity to bring quality airsoft products online.

Getting started

So how did this business get started? It ultimately stemmed from a passion of the sport. Mike and his team are all airsoft players and enthusiasts. As a group, they have over 15 years of experience under their belts. This is particularly of interest due to the history of the sport – only five short years ago, airsoft was limited to the general public due to high start up costs. Guns alone were between $300 and $500 at that time, not to mention the additional cost of accessories.

The variables of passion and dedication soon led to the core mantra of Airsoft Megastore: “Bringing airsoft to the masses.” Mike and his team wanted to ensure that their beloved sport was accessible to others. In fact, Mike is so dedicated to his business and his sport that he left a top-notch education at UC-Berkeley to take responsibility and follow through with his business vision. Simply put, Mike advises to “never give up on your dreams.” He also states, “You don’t need a degree to succeed, you just need a drive and a willingness to work.”

Teaming up with Volusion

Mike and the Airsoft Megastore crew began their online store in 2004 on a basic shopping cart solution before moving to Volusion. The company’s formula to success is offering top-notch customer service with extremely reasonable prices for quality merchandise. The team also cites Volusion’s free 24/7 support and scalability as big advantages in spurring their growth. They have also engaged in custom SEO work with Volusion to grow their presence in search engines.

The team also takes pride in learning more and more about their sport from their customers. They’re constantly speaking with a wide variety of customers from beginners to seasoned players for insights and perspectives into the needs of the growing community. Their overarching question is, “What do customers really want?” Clearly this attitude is paying off as Airsoft Megastore draws in more and more customers each day.

When asked for advice on helping other online storeowners, Mike shared the following: “Work harder than the competition and the results will show for themselves.” He also encourages young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and take advantage of technological and networking resources. By recently joining his local chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, new doors are beginning to open.


A huge thanks to Mike and the Airsoft Megastore crew in sharing their story with us! We’re proud to be a part of such a budding business and are thrilled to see this company epitomize our mantra of “succeed online.”

And if you’re curious to learn more about airsoft or want to get started in the sport, head over to!


Happy selling!
-Matt Winn, Volusion


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