Add a Blog to a Volusion Store

Looking for an inexpensive way to improve your marketing strategy? Add a blog to your online business! Blogs allow you to reach a vast global audience with minimal monetary cost. These days, popular free services give you the opportunity to create a stylish platform to connect with your customers and start conversations about your products – no HTML skills needed.


















Whether adding a new blog for the first time or looking to integrate an existing blog into your Volusion store, we’re here to help you! Read on to find the answers to common questions about Volusion and blogging.

Can Volusion Host My Blog?

While it is not possible to host blog software from within your Volusion store at this time, it’s very easy to create a link to an external blog. The two most popular blog tools among Volusion users are WordPress and Blogger.

Many of our customers create a separate subdomain for their blog. For example:

How Do I Create a Subdomain?

If Volusion is your domain name registrar (i.e. you bought the domain name from us or you bought it elsewhere and had it transferred over to us), go to and submit a ticket for technical support requesting that we create the subdomain for you – we’ll be happy to help!

How Do I Add a Blog to my Volusion Site?

The easiest way to create a link to a blog is to create a new category that will appear on a navigation menu of your choice. While you are in the category record, under the Advanced section, you will see a field called Alternative URL. You can fill in the url of your blog page in this field.

The other option is to hyper link your blog page within a field that is compatible with HTML code (such as the product description field, or the category description field). Just place this code in the description field:
<a href=””>Type the text of the link here</a>
For example: <a href=””>Read The Best Blog Ever … If You Dare</a>

Use the CHECK IT acronym

Now that your blog is set up and integrated with your Volusion store remember to “CHECK IT” with these blog basics:

  • Connect with your audience on a personal level
  • Help readers to understand your brand better
  • Edit your posts to make sure they are clear, concise and spelled correctly
  • Create value- let your blog supplement other areas of your online store’s marketing efforts
  • Know your readers and what will hold their interests
  • Inform your audience –  help readers to learn, don’t just sell to them
  • Take risks – don’t try to be everything to every reader

If you need some more help with the technical aspects of integrating a blog with your Volusion store or you have any further questions feel free to contact our friendly support team. If you are interested in discussing blog best practices or need some blog advice, asking our community of Volusion users on the forums is a good place to start.

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Happy selling!
-Kate Pierce, Volusion

22 Responses to “Add a Blog to a Volusion Store”

  1. Gabrielle England

    We have had our volusion site for a few years, asking about blogging within the website. Come On volusion get with the competition and make this possible already. You know that it makes for better SEO this way. Your clients are asking for it again and again.

    • Gracelyn Tan

      Hi Gabrielle. I understand your frustration and I’m sorry you’re feeling that way. I’ve passed your feedback on to our Product team. If there’s anything else I can do, please let me know.

  2. liz

    i would like volusion to host a blog on my site and not a subdomain

  3. Alan Foster

    We also would like blog software for the volusion platform, our site has a separate blog consisting of static html pages so it’s not the best, i may try looking into the Tumblr blog option.

  4. Missy

    @michael, did you have to purchase the domain seperate? Getting ready to purchase a volusion account for my teeny tiny store but was looking at the blog integration. I like how yours is set up.

  5. Michael Duong

    I would also like to convert the blog and host them internally within our domain . It’s too late to move our site to another shopping cart with this capability at this point, but we would definitely consider it if we were to start a new e-commerce website.

  6. Tim

    I’m still waiting for the internal blog capability too. I submitted a request for a basic blog capability here:

  7. Brad

    Hi, I just wanted to check – is there still no internal blog capability on the Volusion platform and does the external WordPress blog linked via plugin remain the best option?
    Further to the above, would the 3rd part linking plugin cause any problems/risk re a 3rd party Volusion eFulfilment partner integration e.g. via Shipwire?

  8. Julio Blanco

    I appreciate the advice on adding a link to an external blog. I do wish Volusion had the capability to host an internal blog to my site. I feel like I am missing out on the SEO benefits of an internal blog because of my inability to do this on Volusion.

  9. Mike

    You can also use tumblr to add a blog to your Volusion store.
    Just use the following steps:
    Create a Tumblr account. Go to the Goodies page and get the embed code. You can then paste that into an article and you’re set.
    (You’ll need to add some CSS to remove the bullets as it posts your updates into a list on your store side)

  10. Zack Katz

    There is now a Volusion plugin for the WordPress blogging platform, which makes WordPress an even better choice! Check out the Volusion plugin

  11. Tarun Verma

    how to create a custom field for registration form in volusion shopping cart

  12. Ammer Naber

    I absolutely feel crippled as well not having blog integration on my volusion store: Worker Safety Products. Creating a subdomain for your blog and crosslinking is horrible for SEO.

  13. McMuad

    Is the blog image copyrighted or shall I use it on my site?

  14. Joe

    I agree with Peter.

    We’re handicapped by the inability to embed a blog in your software, and this may be the deciding factor in my choosing another e-comm platform.

    It would be ideal for Volusion to have a blog add-on, and I would definitely pay extra for it as well.


  15. Peter


    I really like that you all are highlighting the importance of having a blog on an e-commerce store. I’m selling a lot of products that my larger competitors are selling. I’ve spent a lot of time making my product descriptions unique but I’m not sure if it’s going to make a monumental difference.

    Although hosting a blog externally has its benefits, I really REALLY hope Volusion starts developing a way for us to host a blog internally. I would pay extra and, I hate to say this, but will defninitely switch to another solution if I can find one that hosts blogs internally.

    Keep the great info coming!


  16. shannon

    thanks for the great info. I wanting to leave my current blog company to make a shopping cart and blog combo.

  17. Kate

    I would suggest asking our forum users ( Many of them have thriving blogs and would love to share their insight with you.

    Note: You will have to create a log-in and then you will have full access to the forums.

  18. Morgan

    I want to embed a blog onto a category page that looks just like this page I am replying to. I want the newest blog on page 1 and older blogs would create new pages rolling back. I would also like the share feature and maybe a way to let people comment. Also a way to link my blogs to my facebook blog and other sites automatically. Does everyone just do this static html or is there another way?

  19. Bill Bartmann

    Excellent site, keep up the good work


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