A Complete Checklist for a More Powerful Logo Design

Your logo is the most prolific, memorable aspect of your brand. With a lot to say and only a few pixels to say it, make sure your logo design reflects the following gold standards.

Logo Design Checklist

No aspect of your visual branding takes center stage the way that a properly designed logo does. Well crafted, a logo conveys your brand’s personality in every media, whether digital or print.

To help make the process easier for our customers, we have put together a checklist of aesthetic priorities that should provide guidance as you importance about the cornerstone of your visual brand.

Your Logo Design Checklist

Does your logo incorporate . . .

An attractive and professional appearance

A simple, memorable shape

An abstract design that conveys a clear impression: dependable, adventurous, innovative, approachable, etc.

A versatile and scalable image that is appropriate for the print and digital world

An aesthetic that is attractive in black-and-white as well as in color

A timeless design that does not depend on modern or “edgy” design fads

A color scheme and character that matches your brand personality

Despite its importance, your logo is only a fraction of your design and your design is only a fraction of your site’s potential success. To learn more about the full picture, be sure to check out The Ultimate Field Guide to Ecommerce Conversions, our free guide to turning more visitors into customers.

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