5 Types of Social Media Content Your Customers Will Actually Engage With

If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up for your social channels, then you won’t want to miss this post on five kinds of social media content that boost engagement.


It’s no news that social signals are becoming increasingly influential in determining your site’s ranking. But, as many businesses have experienced, it can be difficult to get your community to engage with your social media posts.

To help you tackle this dilemma, we’re going to look at five types of social media posts that can boost engagement. Even more, we’ll show you real examples of what these posts would look like for four different kinds of online stores: fashion, auto parts, industrial shelving and IT.


1. “This or that” or “yes/no” posts

Asking a question that can be responded to in one or two words is an easy way to ensure more comments than usual. Not only does it simplify engagement, but it opens the floor for anyone to join the conversation, even if they’re on a mobile phone, pressed for time or don’t have much to say.


Fashion: It’s date night – what do you wear? Little black dress or jeans and heels?

Auto parts: Think back – you just turned 16.  What did you want to drive: a hot rod or a big truck?

Industrial shelving: Yes/no – should a warehouse always test weights before loading inventory onto shelves?

IT software: The need for IT software – growing or declining?



2. Be the buyer

Allow your clients to (sort-of) pick what you offer by posting “Be the buyer” type posts; these can range from asking clients if your store should stock X or Y, stock X or Y in A or B colors, stock more of X or something similar. Not only does this help your customers feel like their opinions matter, but it also gets new products in front of their eyes without coming off as spammy.


Fashion: Our black peplum dress is flying off the shelves. What other color should we stock: white, pink, blue or striped? You decide! <include graphic of the 4 types of dresses>

Auto parts: You’re rebuilding a <insert type of car you have parts for here>. What kind of brake rotor do you want: cast iron, steel, aluminum, ceramic or carbon?

Industrial shelving: You’re designing Walmart’s dry food warehouse. If you could only pick one type of shelving system, which do you buy: vented, open or closed shelves?

IT software: A family member or friend comes to you wanting to get IT security certified.  What’s the first learning software they should buy? <picture of types of IT software>


3. Caption

Let your customers get creative while showcasing your products by holding a caption-writing contest. You can use anything from a product photo to a photo of someone using your product, post it and ask users to caption the scene.


Fashion: <post picture of a girl looking at 5 different dresses you offer, looking overwhelmed> Ever been here? Help us caption this photo of a clothing crisis; share your best in the comments section!

Auto parts:<post picture of a mix of car bolts, screws, little parts and/or a really dirty or grungy car part> Tell us what you’re thinking – help us caption this photo by sharing your thoughts in the comments section!

Industrial shelving: <post picture of really disorganized shelves>Caption this photo – let us know what you’d be thinking if you had to reorganize this place!

IT software: <post picture of stacked books, flash cards, a computer open and studying notes)> Caption this photo and let us know what you were thinking when studying for any of your certification exams!


4. Fill in the blank

Get more comments and engagement than normal by testing out fill-in-the-blank posts. You can really gain some market insight in terms of how your consumers think. This can help you decide how to expand your business or better your customer service by learning more about your consumer and their needs.


Fashion: The most flattering piece of clothing I have is ________________.

Auto parts: The most common car manufacturer I see needing repairs is ______________.

Industrial shelving: The longest lasting shelves are made from ________________.

IT software: The hardest question on my CompTIA A+ exam was _________________.


5. Trivia

Test fans’ knowledge with some industry-related trivia questions; you’re sure to get engagement from competitive customers who want to show off their knowledge. Trivia is also a great way to have keyword-rich posts that increase customer interest in your vertical without sounding spammy.


Fashion: How old was the oldest model during September’s New York Fashion Week?

A)     49   B) 56   C) 67 or   D) 82


Auto parts: Which part was invented first? (In 1901)

A)     Drum brakes              B) Telescope shock absorbers    C) Disc brakes    D) Single foot pedal


Industrial shelving: Which company helped the Food Bank for New York City cut time to pack boxes of food from 3 minutes to 11 seconds by implementing an assembly line and conveyor belt system?

A)     Ford               B) Toyota             C) Chrysler          D) Callaway


IT software: What was one of the first methods of encrypting and protecting sensitive messages?

A)     Caesar cipher   B) Caesar cryptogram  C) Augustus cipher  D) Augustus cryptogram


Have fun with these five types of posts and always keep metrics in mind.  For example, if fill-in-the-blank posts get more engagement than trivia, then you’ll want to use fill-in-the-blanks more often.

We’re excited to see you incorporate these five strategies into your store’s social media plan and can’t wait to know how they go. Practice makes perfect, and with time and effort, you’ll have a burgeoning social community at your fingertips.

If you’re still wondering how to make engaging posts for your industry, please feel free to leave us any comments or questions and we’ll get right back to you.



Tori Leymeister was the Marketing Consultant Team Manager, where she worked to make Volusion storeowners more successful through their SEO, PPC, Social Media and Shopping Feed campaigns. Outside of online marketing, Tori likes watching Texas football, trying out new happy hour spots and thrift shopping. And, baby animals.

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