5 Tips for Facebook Community Building

We recently had the opportunity to participate in the Facebook Social Success Summit 2011, the world’s largest online Facebook Marketing Conference. Keeping with one of our favorite core values, we’re “rocking the golden rule” by sharing some helpful tidbits that we learned with you!


Be a resource.

Provide your own content, but don’t pretend to know all the answers. Remember when you were a kid and ran to your parents to ask them a really hard question?  Even if they didn’t always have the information you needed, they knew exactly how to help you get it, and, in the process, make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

With Facebook, it’s your turn to play the proud parent by providing your fans with useful, content-rich information that demonstrates extensive knowledge of your product and services, all while giving them something insightful to think about.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to share the love. Mixing up your content with info from other resources shows gratitude and connections…plus, people love that.

Respond and Engage.

Don’t forget who the most important person here is – the customer. You wouldn’t be late to an important meeting in person, so don’t be late to answer your customers’ online inquiries. Showing that you care makes a big difference and Facebook is a prime opportunity to do so.

Also, check out the “hidden posts” tab under your profile picture. Sometimes Facebook comments unknowingly get marked as spam, so make sure that your number one fan isn’t trapped in Facebook outer space.

Bonus Tip: Follow up with your fans via conversation threads and don’t forget to keep it fun!


Sometimes things can get a little messy on your Facebook page. But don’t worry, there’s always a way to clean it up. To get started, create a set of house rules that outlines the way that your Facebook fans should treat each other because, let’s face it, sometimes people need a little reminder.

Also, it’s important to delete spam and even ban users, if necessary, especially if you feel that the integrity of your Facebook page is being compromised.


Support your Facebook customers; after all, they’re your biggest fans. An easy way to do this is to post a “Fan of the Week” on your Facebook wall or to use the “like” tool to feature sponsors or supporters. In case you’re worried about keeping it fair, there’s a whole suite of Facebook tools and applications that will randomly select a fan to feature.

Bonus Tip: Tagging a fan when responding to them in a conversation will make them feel extra special.


Keep an eye on your fan activity by using Facebook insights or an analytics tool of your choice. This can help you identify key trends, demographics, user activity and much more. Facebook also provides a new form of measurement through the “People Talking About This” stat that can give you a better idea of the effectiveness of your shares, tags, comments, posts, check-ins, etc.

There you have it!

What better time to start ramping up your Facebook page than with the announcement of our latest V11 feature, Social Store? Also, feel free to follow the Twitter Stream #FBSS11 so you can join the conversation and learn more about how to leverage your social presence.

Happy selling!
-Lauren Hill, Social Media Associate, Volusion


Lauren Hill is Volusion’s Senior Video Production Specialist and a regular contributor to The Ecommerce Insights. Always eager to learn and grow, Lauren’s background includes positions in film, social media and marketing. Though video production is her primary focus, she also really likes assorted jellybeans and animal-shaped balloon hats. Lauren is a graduate of The University of North Texas and holds a BA in Journalism and Public Relations.

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    Excellent info. Thanks Volusion for all your support. Your organization is GREAT!!!!

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    The customer is always Right!

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    FANtastic… advice on making the most of Facebook communities. Keep the tips and techniques flowing to my desk.


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