5 Free Tools to Boost Your Online Business

Running any business takes organization. Luckily, there are a number of ways to keep your online efforts in
order without spending a penny. To help, check out 5 of our favorite tools to boost your online business.

1. Tweetdeck
– Social media is all the rage right now and going to become more popular, so if you’re not taking advantage of Tweetdeck, you’re definitely missing out. This dashboard application only takes a couple of minutes to download and voila! Instant social media management. Tweetdeck allows you to post to Facebook and Twitter, manage online users who mention your company and monitor important keywords in your industry. You can even schedule posts if you don’t have time to update individual pages.

Imgur – Though there are a number of excellent image hosting services available, we’re a big fan of Imgur. With its easy to use interface, you can host millions of photos on your website, blog, emails or message boards. To get started, sign in to your Twitter, Google, Facebook or Yahoo account; upload an image, resize to you liking and post pictures in a matter of seconds.

3. Mint
– If you’re in need of a free financial management service for your online store, Mint’s a good one to use. Mint pulls all of your financial data into one place including your savings, checking, investments and more. Users can create budgets to help achieve future goals, (perfect for opening a second online store!). Even more, Mint has a free mobile app that allows you track your finances at any time, making it even more appealing. With over 6 million users and a site that uses a 128-bit SSL encryption, Mint is quickly on its way to becoming a household name.

4. Bit.ly – Need to track a URL? Bit.ly has you covered. This link shortening service is a lifesaver when it comes to microblogging on sites like Twitter, where every character counts. Additionally, the website has a whole suite of tools that provide insights about users who click on your URL’s, plus bit.ly links never expire, so you can track your success until the end of time. Because this is a free service, you can’t customize your links, but upgrade toBit.ly Pro and you can change links to a shortened version of your domain name.

5. Google Analytics – If you’re not utilizing Google Analytics by now, it’s time to catch up with the rest of the world. This web analytics solution provides powerful insights about your website and marketing strategies. With its ecommerce tracking tool, you can attribute transactions with campaigns and keywords, plus identify important revenue sources. There are so many aspects of Google Analytics to consider, it’s easier to just check it out and see for yourself!

Happy Selling!
-Lauren Hill, Social Media Associate, Volusion


Lauren Hill is Volusion’s Senior Video Production Specialist and a regular contributor to The Ecommerce Insights. Always eager to learn and grow, Lauren’s background includes positions in film, social media and marketing. Though video production is her primary focus, she also really likes assorted jellybeans and animal-shaped balloon hats. Lauren is a graduate of The University of North Texas and holds a BA in Journalism and Public Relations.

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