4 Powerful Ways to Make a Free Design Template Look Unique

Want your website to look original, but don’t have the budget for a fully customized design? We’ve got a solution for that.

With hundreds of free ecommerce templates at your fingertips, it’s easy to find something that will fit your website’s needs and match your brand voice. But when it comes creating a truly unique visual experience for shoppers, customization is key. From color schemes to checkout buttons and page headings, we’ll look at four ways that you can make your free template look like (and hopefully sell) a million bucks.

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Happy selling!
-Jessica Mokrzecki, Volusion

18 Responses to “4 Powerful Ways to Make a Free Design Template Look Unique”

  1. Rosemary


    I still don’t have my site up…thought it would be much simpler, but spent so much time monkeying around trying to get the images of my artwork on the homepage slide show to fit with the assistance of the account manager. Still not happy enough on quality of photos. Was not told slideshow is interactive. Told putting words on the pages is extra money with the design team. To sum up, it has been like pulling teeth to change the color of a button, or expect my artwork to show above the fold without half of the image being cut off, and I’m several months into this and have abandoned the homepage, which you call prime real estate. I will try to call you directly, or ask that you call me. Your video appears to make what I need for my Homepage possible and a request within reason. Is this the case?

    • Sharanya Srinivasan

      Hello Rosemary,

      I am glad the video is helpful. In case you have a specific question, I would recommend to our expert support team who can help you with your image issues.

  2. Kate

    We used http://www.GiltDesignGroup.com to create a super cute and custom Volusion store. They were easy to work with and really made our site stand out!

  3. Todd

    we have done some customization as well at http://www.elemeno-pee.com, but since Wishpot is out of business we have tried to integrate MyRegsitry but the Add to Registry buttons move in all kinds of weird places. They show up in different places for different products. I can’t figure out what is in the template that is causing them to move around. Any help?

    • Gracelyn Tan

      Hi, Todd. I think our Support team will be able to give you the answer. You can contact them from this page or give them a call. Thanks for watching the video! 🙂

  4. TILDA

    oops! 14 day trial? TILDA

    • Gracelyn Tan

      14 day trial indeed! You get a boatload of features with your free trial, a number of which you can find on our features walkthrough. One of our experts will get in contact with you to give you the full low-down on all that you can do. 😀 Thanks for reading, Tilda!

  5. TILDA

    Pls tell me what is included in free 4 day trial.

  6. Allison

    I’ve just updated our store template – we soft-launched it last weekend! I went a lot further than the suggestions here, but they were certainly the first things I looked at, particularly the homepage, colour scheme, buttons, and thank you page(s).
    Check it out and tell me what you think!
    PeeDee Toys Australia: See PeeDee Toys new template

    • Gracelyn Tan

      Hi, Alison. I passed your comment along to Jessica, and this is what she said:

      Thank you for sharing your site! You have definitely made this site your own and customized a lot of elements. I really love the colors used within the design, it definitely fits your products and audience. I also love the stitching you have used within the design and the jean texture and graphics used to identify where you are within the site. The way that you have highlighted each section within the left navigation allows it to be clear that there are 4 different sections to review. Your product pages are also great with the dashed borders you have implemented and the color scheme that has been carried through.

      Some suggestions I have for you are:

      1. I love that you have so many ways to contact you in your header, that will set your customers at ease that they will be able to reach you should the need arise and it gives the feeling that you care about their opinions. I would suggest removing the text next to the social media icons and leave just the icons. They are very recognizable icons now and people will know where they link to.
      2. I would suggest putting those icons on one line at the top right of your header and under that put your two phone numbers and live chat, under that you can have your shopping cart summary. This will help give more visual separation of those items
      3. I love that you have a slideshow on your homepage, it allows you to have more content there without using too much space. One thing I might recommend is to extend the slideshow all the way to the left nav and move the text about the benefits from your experience below
      4. Have you thought about putting the currency selector at the top of the left navigation? I think it might be getting lost within the left navigation categories, but because it’s such an important feature you may want to bring it to the top of the left navigation so it’s easier to find.
      5. The last suggestion I have is to remove the border around the images on the homepage featured product section and on the category pages. I think you are taking away from the actual product image by doing this and the border can be distracting. The other thought would be to lighten the color o the border so it is barely visible. This would still create the separation of products but be less distracting.

      Overall I think you have a great design and have really made this store fit your business. I commend you on adding the slideshow, brand slider and facts about why a person can trust your company. I think these are all great things to add to your homepage and really set you apart. You have also thought about your customers during the checkout process with your friendly reminders of the extra items they may need in the future so that they can easily add those to the order.

      • Allison

        Hi Gracelyn and Jessica,
        Thanks very much for your detailed site critique! It’s nice to get positive feedback. You make some good points in your suggestions – I’ll discuss with the boss and see about adopting some of them. I hope you had time to look at our one-page checkout, it’s very different from the old setup.
        Maybe we should discuss opening a Volusion custom template design office here in Australia. 😉
        Thanks again!

        • Gracelyn Tan

          Oh, I can’t take any credit; that was all Jessica and her incredible expertise. 😀 Glad you found it helpful though! And thanks so much for participating in our community!

    • Ina

      Wow, I love your site and what you did with it. As a comparison, would you mind letting me know what original template you used, just so I can see all the things you did with it? I’m brand-new to Volusion and totally overwhelmed with the choices, which template to pick and what I might be able to do with it….and don’t worry, I’m not selling toys, so I’m no competition to you ;0)
      Thank you so much and best of luck to you.

  7. Linda

    If I have your team design my website and later decide volusion isn’t for me, can I take my website with me to another hosting program?

    • Gracelyn Tan

      Hi again, Linda. If we custom design a template for your site and you choose to move to another provider, you’ll have access to all of your template’s HTML, CSS and sliced images. However, the template itself will only work on the Volusion platform, just as a custom designed template for any other platform will only work with that specific platform. Hope that helps!

  8. Linda

    Do you offer design services, where your company designs my storefront?


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