4 Ways to Improve Your Volusion Store’s User Experience

When it comes to shopping, people are often in a hurry to get what they need and get out. Online shoppers are no exception, so it’s important that your store be as user friendly as possible. Check out this post for four ways you can improve your store’s user experience.


It’s no secret: Your customers want what they want, and they want it now. As an online store owner, you’re the one who can help them get it by creating a streamlined shopping experience. As a Volusion customer, your checkout is already a single page, which is a big win for your store’s user experience. But what else can you do?

Here are four ways you can further improve your store’s user experience:


1.  Enable Soft Add To Cart

What if every time you went to the grocery store, you had to go to a separate room to see what was in your cart? If that sounds like a terrible shopping experience, you’re right. And that’s exactly what a store without Soft Add To Cart is like. For those unfamiliar, the Soft Add To Cart feature shows customers a summary of their cart without making them leave the page they’re on. Instead, when a customer adds an item to their cart or hovers over the View Cart link in the header, a pop-up appears with their cart’s contents. So in order to make browsing your store as convenient as possible, you’ll want to make sure this feature is enabled.


2. Have a custom 404 page

Seeing a 404 page isn’t typically very pretty, however, by having a custom 404 page, you can make it an informative and even enjoyable part of the user experience. By using your Volusion store’s custom 404 page feature, you can create a 404 page that keeps customers inside your store even if they hit a link that does not exist, instead of sending them to a generic 404 page. Plus, you can create content that directs them to your homepage or other suggested pages.  (Bonus points if you can also get them to laugh.) Ultimately, a custom 404 page benefits you greatly by lowering your bounce rate while also reducing customer confusion.


3. Make your navigation intuitive

Getting lost isn’t a pleasant feeling, so don’t let it happen to your customers while they’re browsing your store. To avoid this mishap, you’ll want your navigation to be as simple and intuitive as possible.  That means, for example, not having any more navigation menus than necessary, using the minimum number of buttons, making sure your menu choices are super clear and concise, and so on. You can also enable the Breadcrumbs feature of your Volusion store, which, beyond showing customers exactly where they are, also allows them to navigate backward as needed.


4. Focus on your products

Your customers are here to either buy your products or get to know them better, so make sure no question goes unanswered! Upload multiple high-quality images of each product, ideally showing different angles, views and details. If a product has accessories, be sure to enable the accessories feature and specify them in your store admin so they’ll show up. Also consider enabling the related products feature, which displays products in the same sub-category as the item being viewed. And if all of this seems like a bit much, remember that users will be spending the majority of their time on product pages, so your work won’t go unnoticed.


These tips are just a few ideas on how to improve your store’s user experience, but there’s far more you can do. By putting your customers first, your store is sure to reap some big rewards. Just remember: If you create an okay user experience, you’ll get a sale or two. But if you create a great user experience, you’ll get a customer for life.


Happy selling!
-Gracelyn Tan, Volusion


Gracelyn was a Communications Specialist at Volusion. She has a BA in English and Philosophy from Rice University, and when not reading or writing, she's dancing, meeting new people or winning staring contests with her cat.

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  1. Sue Faunt

    I just enabled soft add to cart on my Volusion site http://www.somethinspecial.com and will work on a custom 404 page next. Thanks for the great tips, keep ’em coming!


    • Gracelyn T.

      Hi Sue. Glad they could help you out! Thank you so much for reading. And be on the look out for more user experience posts in the future! -Gracelyn T.


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