3 Free Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Store with Social

Looking to get more eyeballs on your Volusion store? Then check out this post from our friends at Yotpo on how you can use social media to grab more attention.


The internet is now more interconnected than ever before, as over a billion people around the world log into social networks on a regular basis. Everyday billions of likes, tweets, re-pins, comments, shares and votes flood the Internet thanks to our innate desire to express ourselves, and the advances of technology over the last decade.

In the ecommerce world things have also moved forward, but often there are gaps between the interconnectedness of the social web and the more traditional business mindset of online stores.

In this post, we’ll cover three free ways that you can integrate social more deeply within your online business. Implementing these tactics will allow you to take full advantage of both our human nature and some very impressive free services available out there to drive more traffic and increase sales.


1. Show off your social presence

By now you probably have a Facebook page and/or Twitter account where you are regularly posting high quality content. You are trying your best to publish unique content but I know it’s very time consuming and not easy. If I have described your social activities above then well done, you are already on your way to building an online following which you can leverage to grow your business.

The easiest way to increase the growth rate of your online communities is by providing more ways for your visitors and customers to visit your social accounts and start following you. The more impressions you can generate, especially from people who already have context with your brand, the more fans and likes you will generate on your social accounts.

Make sure you place large and bright social buttons on your site and always include them in your footer. A site which does this really well is Walls360, which has a very wide social media presence and shows  it off in their footer. Try placing two sets of buttons, one towards the top of the page, like how it’s being done by Tower Paddle Boards, and one in the footer, which recurs on every page. Remember that the idea is for the buttons to draw attention, but don’t overdo it. The user experience is much more important than driving traffic to your social accounts.

Other important places to include buttons to your social accounts are in the email signature of all your staff, in marketing emails and even on your business card.


Bonus tip

Include a personal cover letter with each shipped product thanking the customer for trying your store, and invite them to join a private group on Facebook of customers. Treat this group very well and they will all become marketing evangelists for your brand.

Example of my email signature with social buttons for both my company accounts and personal accounts for LinkedIn and Quora.


2. Tap into social recommendations with Yotpo

The quickest and easiest way to gain a boost in traffic and make more money along the way is by adding Yotpo to your Volusion store. Yotpo is a free plug-and-play product reviews solution for online store owners.

Yotpo is unique in that it makes it easy for reviewers to share their reviews on their social networks, sparking interest and driving more traffic back to your site. Stores using Yotpo receive anywhere from 100 to 600 visitors a month, just from these social shares.

A second way that Yotpo helps drive traffic is by allowing the store owner to connect their brand’s Facebook page and Twitter account to the Yotpo service. Once the accounts are connected, the store owner can automatically or manually publish Yotpo reviews on his or her social accounts. This user-generated content is intriguing and will result in more  fans visiting your product pages to check out the products being mentioned in the published reviews.

Plus, you’re not just getting this social review service from anybody. Yotpo is one of the leaders in the e-commerce industry, and is so effective that Yotpo’s review solution produces over 4X more reviews than other product reviews solution out there.

The best part about Yotpo? It’s free. There is no risk, and if you like it, you can even import your existing reviews. Add Yotpo to your Volusion store now.


Bonus tip

After each review is written the shop owner receives an email with the details of the review. In the email is the email address of the customer who submitted the review. A nice touch is to email each reviewer to thank them personally for writing their review and to ask if there is anything else you can do for them. Try and add a personal touch wherever you can.


3. Run a special promotion with Launchrock

Launchrock is another free service which helps integrate social into a usually very boring process, collecting emails. One of the very interesting ways that Launchrock can be used is by running a promotion. The idea is to leverage the social elements of Launchrock to drive social traffic and create a viral loop around your promotion.

Start by creating a page dedicated to your promotion on your Volusion store and add some copy related to the promotion. Make sure your copy includes a powerful call to action for visitors to enter in their emails. Next, register with Launchrock and to select the option of using the widget. Spend some time customizing the widget with relevant text, and once everything is ready, copy the widget code and place it in your promotion page.


Bonus tip

Launchrock provides analytics on how many referrals each person helped add to your email list from sharing your promotion. You can provide a very powerful incentive to visitors to invite friends to get discounts and special rewards and track those that bring the most in the Launchrock analytics.

You can be very creative with Launchrock and use it for product launches, exclusive VIP access to a new store and much more.

Taking full advantage of social behavior is something that every store owner needs to do in order to stay competitive and grow loyalty among fans of their brands. The way we are using the web is always changing especially now that engagement is at an all-time high. By implementing Yotpo, a Launchrock campaign and beefing up your social presence in your marketing communication, you will be on your way in driving new engagement and in giving that needed boost to your online marketing efforts.

If you have other out of the box ways to embed social into the core of an online business then please share them with us in the comments section below.


Justin Butlion is the Content and Social Marketing Manager of Yotpo. He loves to blog about ecommerce, online marketing, web development and entrepreneurship. Check out his latest posts on the Yotpo blog to see what he’s writing about now.