3 Businesses That “Pin” It to Win It

As one of the fastest growing (and admittedly addicting) social networking sites, Pinterest allows users to organize and share images from across the web and pin them to virtual pinboards. With over twenty million users, Pinterest has the potential to drive tons of referral traffic to your online business.

Businesses on Pinterest

But how can you make your site pin-worthy to reap the benefits? Here’s a look a look at three companies using Pinterest to gain loyal followers and grow their business in a whole new way.


Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books is a San Francisco-based book publisher focusing on artistic subjects such as interior design, photography, architecture and more. Creating everything from journals and stationary to calendars and books, the company has an eye for the visually stunning, so it’s no surprise that they feel right at home on Pinterest. With over 7,000 followers, the key to this company’s success lies in its ability to take broad subjects (books, writing, reading) and break them down into smaller pieces. Instead of simply posting images of books, they have boards that cover typography, illustration and paper craft. By casting a wider net using more specific images and keywords, Chronicle Books continues to successfully reach and grow its core audience via Pinterest.

Key takeaway: Consider pinning images related to your trade without directly selling to customers. Even if the images you’re pinning aren’t linking back to your website, you’re still creating the possibility for engagement with new and returning customers.


Hass Avocados

After creating a board on my personal Pinterest page called “Avocado Delight” (I’m a big fan of this tasty fruit!) and posting my favorite recipe ideas to it, I soon received an invite from Hass Avocados to join its group board called “Avocado Lovers.” By creating a community based around their product, the company allows followers to contribute and discuss their favorite avocado-related pins. Currently, the group includes some 1,700 contributions with followers constantly engaging with the brand through unique images.

Key takeaway: Build an army of supporters by allowing others to contribute to your Pinterest page. To enable this feature, simply find and follow people on Pinterest who might be interested in your product (you must be following at least one board to add someone). Then, change your board settings to “Me + Contributors” and add their name to the contributors list and save your settings. Continue to add images related to the topic of your board to keep engagement up. From there, watch the conversation around your brand grow!


Petite Lemon

With Pinterest contests becoming increasingly popular, it’s important to find a way to make your brand stand out. That’s why when well-known children’s clothing line, Petite Lemon, held their “Pin It To Win It” contest, they knew the importance of coming up with a creative concept that would catch on with their customers. To do so, they asked followers to create a board showcasing an outfit using their line of “sibling tees” for the chance to win a $100 gift card. By also requesting that they add in the hashtag “#siblingtees,” they instantly branded every contest entry that floated around Pinterest, helping to create a big buzz for the giveaway. A quick search of this hashtag reveals tons of colorful children’s outfits from the line, thus proving the success of this cost-effective endeavor.

Key takeaway: Create contests that speak to your customer base. They don’t need to be high expense; they just need to be high engagement. By asking your followers to create a board around a particular theme related to your brand, you can easily create organic conversations amongst pinners and help drive traffic back to your site.


Can you pin it to win it? We want to know how you create success through your Pinterest page!

Still have questions about this new social media phenomenon? Feel free to ask away in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to respond ASAP!

Happy pinning!
Lauren Hill, Social Media Associate, Volusion


Lauren Hill is Volusion’s Senior Video Production Specialist and a regular contributor to The Ecommerce Insights. Always eager to learn and grow, Lauren’s background includes positions in film, social media and marketing. Though video production is her primary focus, she also really likes assorted jellybeans and animal-shaped balloon hats. Lauren is a graduate of The University of North Texas and holds a BA in Journalism and Public Relations.

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