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Is your online business putting its best face forward? Step ahead of the competition by understanding the influential role of ecommerce design with this informative webinar. Seats are limited – don’t miss your chance!


You’ve got a vision for your online store and the right software to turn it into a reality.  However, your business is not complete without a professional site design. After all, just like a retail store, appearance is everything, and your web design is a critical component of how your business is perceived.

To make sure your site’s aesthetic is on the right track, join members of our Web Design team to learn all about the good, the bad, and the missed opportunities in ecommerce design through real life examples. You’ll also learn about the impact of photography and typography, best practices for slideshows, effective use of navigation and much more!

Take your business to the next level with a strategic and beautiful design by registering for this insightful webinar. Seats are limited and your business can’t afford to miss this event!

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3 Responses to “Register For Our “Missed Opportunities in Ecommerce Design” Webinar”

  1. Dan

    Thank you for your response.
    What about categorizing the items in the Facebook store the same way they are set up in the website.

  2. Andy Whitlock

    Missed Opportunities in Ecommerce Design Signup

    • Gracelyn Tan

      Hi Andy,

      Hope you were able to sign up! If not, just fill out this form and hit “Register Now.”


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