10 Hidden Horrors to Avoid in Your PPC Campaigns

Among the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween lies an even scarier horror that could hurt your online business. Watch Volusion experts as they reveal 10 hidden PPC mistakes and show you how to fix your campaigns for the holiday season.

Whether you’re a PPC expert or just getting started, our specialists will help get your campaigns in tip top shape and start your store on the path to success.

Download the slides to get access to clickable links or follow along below:

2 Responses to “10 Hidden Horrors to Avoid in Your PPC Campaigns”

  1. Aren

    Hey guys, great information on here, thanks! What are your thoughts on PPC ads with Yelp?

    • Andrea Kinnison

      Yelp can be a great place for local businesses! Whether you’re advertising a hair salon or an automotive parts shop it’s a way to get your message out to users actively searching for local avenues to take their business. Consider opting into Yelp PPC ads if you’ve already claimed your business page and actively respond to reviews as appropriate. You wouldn’t want to pay for traffic to a business page with low ratings and negative feedback.


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