With the new year is quickly approaching (t-minus 2 days!), we are continuing our look back into the top trends and developments of 2015. And what better way to close out the last year than with a recap of our most popular blog post. Here's the best from the Volusion blog in 2015:

Cultivate Your Audience & Drive Engagement on Pinterest

With over 70 million users, Pinterest continues to prove itself as an essential social platform for your online business. In this post, we provide an infographic to help your business build a targeted Pinterest audience and drive engagement. As buyable and sponsored pins grow in popularity over the next year, these tools and tips will be increasingly important for your online store.

Volusion Announces Built-In Support for Pay with Amazon

In 2015, Volusion announced a Pay with Amazon integration, which allows customers to place orders on your store with saved payment and shipping data stored in an Amazon account. This was a highly requested feature from our merchants, with many of them seeing huge gains to their sales immediately after the integration.

Looking Ahead: What Volusion Has in Store for 2016

Volusion experienced several exciting changes in 2015, with founder Kevin Sproles returning to his role as Volusion's CEO and bringing his innovative development knowledge back to the front lines of the company. We also have several new features on the horizon for 2016, including a modern API, powerful partnerships and much more. Stay tuned!

Case Study: How Medusa Skates Got Rolling with Volusion

Our merchants are some of the most inspiring people we know and we love to share their stories. In 2015, we targeted Medusa Skates owner, Glitter, who runs an online store specializing in skates and accessories for roller derby athletes, also known as rollergirls.

Demystifying SEO for Ecommerce Webinar

Volusion runs monthly webinars for our merchants and, in 2015, it was clear that SEO was the most popular topic. In this webinar, our team shares basic and advanced SEO techniques for your online store; and, better yet, provides effective recommendations for your business.

5 Time-Saving Tips for Your Ecommerce Store

With the excitement of the new year and resolutions abound, it's important to be as efficient with your online business as possible. In this guest post from Midas Media, we review a few helpful time-saving techniques for your online business, perfect to help you sell more in 2016!

5 Behind-the-Scenes Requirements for Solidifying Your Brand

Two Minute Tuesdays with Matt Winn is always a popular choice for our readers, and this particular episode was one of our most watched of 2015. Effective branding and design will be essential to your online store's success in the new year, so take a few minutes and check out these expert tips!

We Analyzed the Top 50 Ecommerce Sites – Here's What We Learned

Although most businesses freeze all store updates during the busy holiday season, there are important things to consider before making huge changes to your site. One of our more popular posts reviewed some of the best ecommerce sites of 2015 and provided detailed takeaways to help improve your business. A perfect read to help plan your strategy for the new year!

The past year has provided huge gains and innovations for the Volusion platform and our merchants. As we near the end, we hope you celebrate in style and have all the tools you need for a successful 2016!