Volusion's Top 10 Posts from February 2018

February was a sweet month for us, and it wasn't just because of Valentine's day. Volusion experts created helpful and informative posts and we've compiled the top posts of Feb 2018 here. From Amazon advice to new tools for your Volusion store, these stories should keep you in the ecommerce know.

1. 2018 Trends: Products You May Want to Start Selling

Whether you are determined to become a full-time entrepreneur or simply want to turn your passion into a profitable part-time gig, we will outline some important steps to finding the best e-commerce products for you to sell online in 2018. This post looks at trending products, dropship products and other options to sell in 2018.

2. Swim the Amazon: Using One of the World’s Largest Retailers to Enhance Your Business

In the wild waters of ecommerce, it’s tough to skip a rock without those ripples reaching Amazon, and for good reason. Pairing Amazon with your store can mean cresting that wave and employing a tsunami of tools to benefit yourself and your business - and we’re here to help.

3. 5 Ways Small Businesses Can Still Compete in the Facebook News Feed

With Facebook's recent algorithm update, small businesses have much to worry about. Focusing more on interactions between friends and family, Facebook decided to show less content from brands and businesses in the News Feed…meaning the stakes just got higher. Learn how to stay in the game here.

4. 5 Insights for Making Content Marketing Work for Your Store

Utilizing content marketing as an inbound channel for your website can generate you hundreds of thousands of visits per month. Here are some best practices small businesses can use in order to make the most out of their content marketing efforts.

5. Big News: We Have 6 FREE New Tools for Your Store

Just in time for the new year, we’ve developed six brand new, totally free tools to help you run your online store. From a Terms and Conditions generator to a profit margin calculator, these new tools will take the guesswork out of interpreting legalese and crunching numbers that comes with running an online store.

6. How to Increase the Value of your Ecommerce Site

Whether you are a newcomer to ecommerce or a seasoned entrepreneur, at some point you have probably wondered what the overall value of your ecommerce business is. In this blog we explain exactly what metrics and tactics you can utilize to maximize the value of your store.

7. 8 Steps for Writing an Ecommerce Business Plan

Read our step-by-step guide for writing a business plan for your online store. We break down each section and make it easy to create an ecommerce business plan that can set goals for your store or help you get funding. From an executive summary to milestones, this guide is with you every step of the way.

8. Why You Absolutely Need to Go Mobile in 2018

Plenty of ecommerce stores still use a separate version of their site for mobile visitors. If you’re one of these stores, now is absolutely the time to make the leap to a mobile-first website. Read on to learn why responsive is the right choice for your online store.

9. Figuring Out if Your Business Needs a Copyright or Patent

If you’re a little unclear about what a copyright is and why it matters in business, check out our quick and easy primer that clarifies everything you ever wanted to know about copyrights.

10. Merchant of the Month: Antonelli's Cheese

Each month we like to spotlight our merchants who have found success by running the businesses that they love. Read on to find out how one couple turned a (literally) cheesy dream into a successful reality.

Have any other posts you want to see in coming months? Let us know in the comments!