Holiday Gift Guide - The Outdoorsman

Explorer. Camper. Fisherman. Hunter. Hiker. Outdoorsman.

No matter the label for the adventurer in your life, they are sure to appreciate a gift that gives them any excuse to close their laptop and head outside. And we’ve got just the gear they need. In our fifth and final installment of the Volusion Gift Guide, we’ve highlighted the year’s best gifts for your favorite outdoorsman or woman.

The Bear Grylls

Just like our favorite adventurer, your outdoorsman shouldn’t head out into the wilderness without a good knife. And with this multi-purposed blade, they won’t have to. A slim, powerful and balanced design means they will be prepared for whatever comes their way without the burdern of a heavy, cumbersome tool.

Hiking Ware: Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife

The Fearless Hunter

The days of hunting with a bow and arrow have returned, and with them, the emergence of superior quality hunting arrows like this durable Renegade style. These hard-hitting carbon arrows are designed for extreme accuracy, even at long range. Whether your outdoorsman is a serious game seeker or hunts as a hobby, they’re sure to appreciate this gear.

Black Eagle Arrows: Renegade

The Practical Backpacker

Don’t let a bad night of sleep stop your adventurer from exploring the wild. S&S Archery’s ultralight sleeping pad is the world’s lightest, most compact full length sleeping pad available today, ensuring a good night’s rest on the trail without the backache.

S&S Archery: Klymit Inertia X Frame Ultralight Sleeping Pad

The Sweaty Cyclist

Anyone who’s working up a sweat in the outdoors will love this elastic pullover headband. Its patented SweatBlock Technology channels sweat away from the face, and it fits nicely under a helmet, allowing your explorer to focus on what they’re doing and not the sweat in their eyes.

Halo Headband: Halo II Pullover Sweatband

The Venturing Hiker

Every trekker knows the importance of a good pair of hiking poles, and this lightweight carbon fiber set is ideal for improved stability while hiking uphill, downhill, or on flat terrain. With an adjustable height between 23 to 53 inches, these trekking poles are sure to fit any hiker and keep them steady, wherever their path may lead.

Cascade Mountain Tech: Quick Lock Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

The Thirsty Seafarer

There’s nothing quite like a summer’s day on the water with a cold beverage in hand. Keep your outdoorsman refreshed and hydrated with this 48-quart marine cooler, designed to withstand wear, tear, and even sun damage.

Built for Boating: 48 Qt Marine Ultra White Cooler

The Focused Fisherman

If you know somone who enjoys a day out on the water, they’ll love this fishing tackle subscription. Whether they’re panfishing, bass fishing or inshore saltwater fishing, this gift will give them everything they need, so they can skip the line and head straight out for the day’s catch.

Lucky Tackle Box: Fishing Tackle Gift Boxes

The Internet Junkie

For the adventurer who can’t completely unplug, these touch screen winter gloves are essential for the cold season. Instead of freezing their fingers every time they check their email, these fully-responsive gloves mean their hands will stay toasty warm while accurately updating their friends with a Facebook post.

Glider Gloves: Touch Screen Winter Gloves