Volusion's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Part II

Holiday Guide_Party Host

For the second edition of our holiday gift guide, we'll be focusing on the perfect gift for the party host in your life. No matter the occasion, these gifts promise to help hosts celebrate the holiday festivities in style.

'Cheers Dears’ Stemless Wine Glass: http://www.girlfriendgalas.com/cheers-dears-stemless-wine-glass-p/d47sw.htm

The Original Charleston Shucker: http://www.charlestonshuckerco.com/TheOriginalCharlestonShuckerp/theoriginalcharlestonshucker.htm

Personalized Set of Burlap Silverware Holders: http://www.lillianrose.com/product-p/fa560-b-lm.htm

Solid Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mug: http://www.mixologydepot.com/Hammered-Moscow-Mule-Mug-p/7340mw002.htm

Reusable Chalkboard Stands: http://www.simplyremarkable.com/Fancy-Oval-Buffet-Stand-p/stand-fancyoval.htm

Personalized Mason Jar Mixology Set: http://www.theweddingshoppe.ca/Personalized-Mason-Jar-Mixology-Set-p/cc2305.htm

Monogrammed Wood Cheese Board: http://www.madformonograms.com/Monogram-Wood-Cheese-Board-p/cg-015820-e.htm

Berard Olive Wood Spaghetti Servers: http://www.thefrenchfarm.com/Berard-Parisian-Olive-Wood-Salad-Servers-made-p/be02773.htm

Camri Hinkie

Camri is a Senior Web Designer at Volusion, designing storefronts for our merchants. In her free time, Camri likes playing lazer tag, baking, and singing songs to her cat.