Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Pour one out for conversation hearts and chocolates from the local drugstore because the days of mundane Valentine’s Day gifts are over. Whether you celebrate with your valentine, galentine or palentine, give a thoughtful gift that puts a twist on traditional flowers, sweet treats and dinners. Start with these unique Valentine’s Day ideas for 2019!

Chocolates & Confections

Nothing says "I love you" more than a delectable treat, but Macaw's confections are more than that. Macaw was founded by a food science engineer with an MBA in Finance and Sustainable Development, who sought to make the world a better place one chocolaty treat at a time.

The Guatemala native uses ethical and sustainable practices to empower farming and artisan families, and is always careful to choose low-sugar ingredients you don't have to feel regretful about. This online shop offers an array of sweet treats and unique artisan jams, each handcrafted with premium ingredients and made to perfection.

Put an additional twist on sweet treats with a gift from Fancy Fortune Cookies. This online endeavor began 29 years ago with just a small idea over Moo Goo Gai Pan, and has since grown into a national treasure that's celebrated for consistent and ongoing ingenuity and style. If you can think it, Fancy Fortune Cookie can make it. Order cookies dipped or drizzled in chocolate, covered in caramel or decorated with a vibrant sugar coating. With a wide array of incredibly creative cookies at your disposal, we promise you'll want to come back again and again.

Body & Scents

LüSa Organics is the brainchild of an environmental educator and a solar system electrician whose mission to enrich lives and their communities has become a full-blown passion. LüSa's everyday manufacturing practices wholly support their eco-friendly ideals, and 10 percent of all yearly profits support organizations whose global mission is to fight for social and environmental justice.

LüSa Organics' products are amazingly gentle yet effective and are suited for the whole family. With collections for Mama and Baby — and a variety of products for both men and women — you're guaranteed to find something to delight everyone's senses.

Looking for unique scents and scent packages? Dive headlong into the largest selection of cruelty-free fragrances, ranging from designer duplicates to holiday favorites. Somethin' Special offers a wide range of handmade products — from perfumes to soaps — each created exactly to your specifications. Every order is accompanied by two free "sniffies" of your choice, and a fraction of all proceeds support charities such as St. Judes and the U.S. National Parks System.

Somethin' Special strives to become a more ecologically and planet-friendly business every day by using post consumer recycled and recyclable unbleached packaging and more.


If jewelry is your gift go-to, there's plenty of it online to go around. With so many options it can be difficult to narrow your choices, which can make the whole process seem daunting and overwhelming.

We love Lovie because they take the guesswork out of online jewelry shopping. By focusing on alternative, scratch-resistant metals — such as tungsten carbide and titanium — Lovie Jewelry is able to provide stunning pieces at a fraction of what you'd spend on gold, silver or platinum. In addition, most of engrave most of their rings at no additional charge — adding that personalized, memorable and timeless aspect we're all looking for when searching for the perfect gift.

Looking for a piece of jewelry that says it all? The Claddagh ring is deeply rooted in Irish tradition, but this well-known symbol of love, loyalty and friendship has extended itself far beyond the borders of Ireland since it first made its appearance during the 17th century. While the history of the Claddagh ring remains a bit blurred, its meaning is clear — a true love bond sealed with faith and loyalty for one another.

Exotic & Novel

Flowers are nice, but traditional Hawaiian florals are even better. What's in a gift from Maui Goose? With everything from leis and accent pieces to stunning Bird of Paradise bouquets, your options will be seemingly endless.

Hawaii's ecosystems are unique, which is how so many diverse plant species are capable of thriving there. Maui Goose explores a range of eco-friendly sources to craft their selections and base their choices on on integrity and respect for the Hawaiian culture.

Create an immersive island experience virtually anywhere with a flowers of the month package — each comprised of a hand-selected collection of vibrant local blossoms.

Looking for a gift experience you can taste? Dive into Vietnam's rich coffee culture without the trip around the globe. Weasel Coffees' unique selection of Robusta-blend coffees is inspired by Vietnam's sophisticated coffee traditions and crafted for true coffee connoisseur. Each batch of red ripe cherries starts on a small coffee plantation run by local farmers, and is slow roasted to perfection at low temperatures to create rich, smooth flavors other coffees lack.

Want to give your coffee lover something truly unique? This year, give your valentine an exclusive experience using authentic ingredients from the most far-flung corners of the globe. Weasel Coffees' site also features a small selection of kopi luwak (or weasel) coffee from the Dak Lak region, where a true wonder of nature is made possible only with the help of some four-legged locals. Kopi luwak is unique because it is first digested by adorable, tree-climbing civet cats before it is then carefully hand-roasted in small batches using traditional Vietnamese methods.

For the foodie in your life, try something a bit more local. Cap Morrill's seafood endeavors began at the turn of the 20th century and has since become a world-renowned sensation by providing consistently high-quality fish and lobster locally and now online. Share the joys of quality seafood from the cold coastal waters of Maine by trying a gift package from The Lobster Net.

You can prepare a delectable dinner once a year, or you can sink your teeth into a fresh Maine lobster monthly with a gift delivered right to your doorstep. Maine lobster is prized as some of the tastiest seafood in all of North America and now you don't have to be a New England native to enjoy it.

Have some more unique Valentine's Day gift ideas? We'd love to hear them. Share with us in the comments below!