Volusion's Top Blog Posts of 2013

2013 has been a wild and crazy year for ecommerce, and we've been here chronicling and covering it all. Check out this year’s most popular posts from The Ecommerce Authority. 


Throughout 2013, we’ve been keeping tabs on what’s going on in our bustling industry. From the biggest headlines to the latest best practices, there's been a lot to cover and we've been honored to have you along for the ride.

To help us commemorate 2103, let's revisit some of this year's biggest moments with our most popular posts. Without further ado, here is the best of the blog.


Top 5 Posts Overall


  1. A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing What Products to Sell Online

2. What Is M-commerce and What's in Its Future?

3. Free Holiday Images & Graphics for Your Online Store

  1. You Smell Soap | Built with Volusion 

5. The Ultimate Guide to Product Photos for Ecommerce



Top 5 Design Posts


  1. Infographic: Constructing a Higher Converting Add-to-Cart Button

  2. 5 Free Online Tools to Spice Up Your Website

  3. How to Build a Better Add to Cart Button

  4. 4 Stunning Typography Examples From Ecommerce Stores

5. Typography 101: How to Choose the Right Fonts for Your Website



Top 5 Ecommerce Basics Posts


  1. 9 Things You Need to Know Before Selling on Amazon

2. A Beginner’s Guide to Drop Shipping

3. The Intro Guide to Ecommerce Website User Experience

4. 5 Volusion Stores with Phenomenal Product Photos

5. How to Shoot Professional Product Photos with Your Smartphone 



Top 5 Lifestyle Posts


  1. 5 Awesome Organization Tools for Your Business

  2. 5 Things Effective Leaders Do

3. 5 Startup Entrepreneurs We Admire

4. Stress-Busting for Small Business Owners

5. 9 Sure-fire Ways To Boost Your Creativity



Top 5 Marketing Posts


1. How to Increase SEO by Adding Content on Category Pages

2. 4 Must-Do SEO Actions for Volusion Beginners

3. 5 Little Things That Make a Big Brand Impression

4. How to Do an SEO Audit & Why It’s Important for Your Store’s Long-Term Success

5. Avoid These 5 Social Media Customer Service Blunders



Top 5 Videos

two minute tuesdays

1. The Three Most Simple (and Effective) Business Analysis Tools

2. 4 Powerful Ways to Make a Free Design Template Look Unique

3. Top 5 Reasons Why People Follow Your Brand on Social Media

4. Ecommerce Conversion Killers (And How to Stop Them)

5. The 5 Most Important Goals of Homepage Design


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