4 Ecommerce Podcasts You Need to Hear ASAP

All good forms of content creation should provide new, insightful information and get you thinking. Podcasts do all this, but also allow you to do other things while passively learning. YouTube and blogs have the luxury of additional graphics and how-tos, but podcasts can reign supreme on your drive to work or while packing shipments. They're a fantastic — almost passive — way to gather new information on industry trends, which is why we've complied a list of ecommerce-related ones to add to your rotation.

We're including few podcasts you may not find at the top of the iTunes charts, but that have a few notable features.

To preface this list: we're including few podcasts you may not find at the top of the iTunes charts, but that have a few notable features. First, we looked for relative podcasts that produce(d) with relative consistency. Many of the podcasts we've included contain a hearty backlog of informative intel and case studies for worthwhile binges.

Second, we looked for podcasts with a mix-and-match approach to their subjects. While deep dives are necessary, we're listing a variety of shows that will hopefully pique your interest and get you to start thinking about your store in new ways.


Digital Marketer's Perpetual Traffic Podcast

First hitting the airwaves in the summer of 2015, Digital Marketer recently released their 150th podcast. Focusing on actionable insights at the top of the funnel, episodes run from 25-40 minutes and thus far have covered just about everything you can think of. Recent episodes highlight changes to Facebook's ad updates to unpacking Cambridge Analytica. Conversational and panel-based, they also have a variety of case studies and put a focus on the bigger picture of what new stores are trying to accomplish. Their posting consistency and catalog makes it worth subscribing to.


Practice Ecommerce's Ecommerce Conversations

Practical Ecommerce’s podcast brings in CEOs and founders to discuss ecommerce outlooks and entrepreneurship strategies through one-on-one interviews. Each episode comes in under 30 minutes, and their back-and-forth style discussions have the feel of curated NPR discussions. Recent episodes cover developing success on Amazon and even our very own Kevin Sproles, who talks SMB strategy.


Side Hustle School with Chris Guillebeau

The author of “The $100 Startup,” Guillebeau recants bite-sized stories of interesting (as the name suggests) side hustles. From 15-year-old makeup artists to baseball bat subscription services, Guillebeau’s daily – that’s right, daily – audio vignettes highlight all the interesting ways in which side hustles can turn into full-time gigs. If you’re looking for inspiration and want to know how "If they could do it, why can’t I?", Side Hustle School provides the curriculum you’re looking for.


Volusion's The Search Bar: An SEO Podcast

Speaking of off the beaten path, while you're adding marketing-focused podcasts to your queue, subscribe to Volusion's podcast The Search Bar! Our very own marketing team members Adrianne and Jacob host a monthly podcast on SEO with a focus on online stores, while touching base on all things SEM. Episodes are short and succinct, so they're bingeable on those trips to and from the office.

What podcasts do you listen to? Give us recs in the comments!