Merchant of the Month: WallTat

Have you ever been to a home goods store (like IKEA) and found yourself staring at one of their curated spaces thinking to yourself, “One day my living room is going to look like this!” If you’re into interior home design or just have plain good taste, you probably have. Filling your home with beautiful decor is a process—it takes a lot of time, money, and effort. Luckily, WallTat might have found the perfect solution for you!

Since 2008, WallTat has helped DIY enthusiasts enhance the aesthetics of both their home and business spaces through visually-stimulating wall decals. Their passion for design and quality led them to create wall appliques that have superior creative designs and that are easy to install, removable, and extremely affordable. All of their products are made from a thin and opaque self-adhesive vinyl material with a matte finish that's attractive on any surface!

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with WallTat owner Paul Bortell about what it means to run a business and what sets them apart from major competitors. Read the full story to hear about his strategy for the holidays and his tips for anyone out there looking to start their own ecommerce store.

WallTat products.

How did you get into the DIY Wall Art business?

I acquired the business in February of this year from an interior designer and artist. I like graphics and art, and the fact that other people want to enjoy the art that I provide gives me great satisfaction. Knowing that they trusted me to deliver a unique product that will make their home, office, church, etc. a special place to enjoy is a great feeling.

How did you decide the Volusion platform was right for your business?

The former owners found Volusion easy to work with and had started their business with Volusion at the about five years ago. Running an ecommerce site without a brick-and-mortar location is a bit scary, as the business owner is trusting their provider of services with an awful lot—essentially their entire business. It makes sense to use Volusion because you support your customers with a full range of services to complement an easy-to-use platform leading to a full-partnership, not just a customer-vendor relationship.

What sets WallTat apart from its competitors?

We actually sell original art versus “clipart” images, and we have a focus on enhancing décor—we don’t sell “stickers.”

WallTat products.

What is the most challenging aspect of running your own business?

There are multiple priorities that have a strict timeframe for completion. It's always my responsibility to make sure everything meets that level of “correctness.”

The holidays are right around the corner—what are you doing this year to prepare?

We're running multiple promotions in rapid succession, using paid advertising and social media and making product donations to nonprofits.

What tips do you have for someone wanting to start their own ecommerce business?

Be careful about everything—pay attention to details, make sure you have three times the cash available that you originally thought you might need, seek to employ talented help in every aspect of your business, always remember that “price” is not “cost,” and be patient—but not too patient!