Cultivate Your Audience & Drive Engagement on Facebook [Infographic]

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook is not going to give up its title of the social media king of the mountain any time soon. And while search engines are an amazing tool for discovery, Facebook has the advantage of being a destination site--where search engine visitors want to be quickly directed elsewhere, social media visitors want to explore from the comfort of their own preferred channel. The environment that this creates is something that a business owner can't ignore: an active community of potential fans who want to dote on their favorite brands and who can be reached by inexpensive ads that have more exposure time than search engine ads.

None of this is to say that social media marketing is easy--simply knowing what to talk about, how often to talk about it and how to draw others into the conversation can require the work of a full time social media expert. However, it can be made easier. In our most recent infographic, we've put together a few tips that can help you double your likes, discover customer insights and keep your audience involved. If you are eager for the value that social media marketing offers, but need guidance in improving your campaign, contact us today about our social media marketing services.