Ecommerce Product Page Descriptions That Sell

Well written descriptions on ecommerce product pages play a key role in your customers’ on-site experience, evoking emotion, instilling a feeling of confidence, and helping push them to complete a purchase. But the best product descriptions have another important role – that of building traffic on your site.

Detailed product descriptions are the type of content that Google loves. Creating useful descriptions for each and every one of your products may seem like a daunting task, but completing this step will increase the chances of your site being found by your potential customers, and is therefore critical to the long term success of your online business and driving sales.

  1. Be Unique and Be Useful
It's not a good idea to directly copy and paste the product information provided by your manufacturers on to your site. If you do, it is very likely that your product description will be identical to those found on other, competing web sites. This will make it difficult, if not impossible, for you to stand out and achieve good organic search rankings. In many cases your product pages will be filtered out of search results.

Besides this important consideration, most manufacturer product descriptions are fact based. While this is useful to appealing to the logical side of making a purchase, people buy goods based on emotions. They want to know a particular product makes their life better in some way. It saves them time. It makes them look good. It entertains them. It solves a problem. These are all emotional reasons to purchase a product. The facts help bolster the sale with specific information on sizing, texture, color etc.

Try to be unique and make your product descriptions useful to your shoppers. Help them imagine how great their life will be with this product. Be creative but be authentic as well. Don't just say a new pair of shoes will change their life. Show them these new shoes will make them look good and feel better. That they'll improve their knee and back pain while helping them run faster. Use product images to support your written claims.

Learn how to speak directly to your customers by better understanding who they are and how they talk.

  1. Review Your Analytics Reports
One of the more effective ways to ensure you are using the same language as your target customers is by reviewing the reports for searches they perform on your site. While this type of data is available from tools such as Google Analytics, many businesses find setting up and properly interpreting this aspect of their analytics to be confusing and intimidating.

Nextopia understands the need for easy-to-interpret site search analytics. Their reports are easy to understand and navigate, clearly highlighting top search terms, common search terms which yield zero results, and many other insightful results.

Having this data makes writing effective product descriptions easy Including the key terms from your search reports in your product descriptions will help boost your Google ranking for the actual terms that your customers use when searching.

  1. Know Your Ideal Customer
A product description should act the way a sales associate would in a brick and mortar store – providing all of the information necessary to entice a shopper to buy.

While it is important that the information being provided is unique, it should also be presented in a way that is easily understood by your target market. The most effective product descriptions speak right to your ideal customer and their personality. For example, you are going to use different terminology and a different tone when writing for a teen girls store as opposed to a maternity store.

When writing your product descriptions it is helpful to have a full understanding of the kind of customer you are marketing to. Do they appreciate humour? What kind of terminology do they use to describe your products? What questions would this customer have about a product if they were in a physical store? Answering these questions and more will help you develop a robust buyer persona, which in the long run will be very helpful when writing any sort of copy.

Remember, you never want to give a customer a reason to leave your site, only many reasons to return. Creating easy to read, unique product descriptions that speak directly to your target audience is going to help ensure that your visitors become repeat customers.